Over the years, we’ve discovered many natural ingredients and have learned about their benefit to us inside and out. While some ingredients have been around for centuries there are others we’re only just learning about in North America. Another one of nature’s treasure we’ve recently learned about is the Sea Buckthorn Fruit.

Here are a few interesting things we’ve learned…

ORIGINS: Sea Buckthorn is a plant that bears tiny but hearty berries. Found in higher altitudes in the Himalayas (12,000 net above sea level), the plant is known to hold it’s own through rough weather conditions. Tibetans first documented the fruit for it’s healing properties 13 centuries ago. The fruit, oil and leaves were sourced for its health and beauty benefits in consumption as well as skincare. It’s considered the “holy fruit of the Himalayas.”

HOW IT’S COLLECTED: Harvest time happens in the fall. The company SIBU purchases their berries through villagers (women in Fair Trade co-ops who keep the tradition of the cultivating culture are able to support their families through the winter with the money they earn in the six-week harvest season) collect the ripe berries before sunrise to ensure the fruit are at their optimum value. They are immediately washed in vats. For their Sea Berry Therapy line of skin care, they only select on the berries that rise to the top of the vats as they are considered the best of the best. Then, each berry goes through the process of being juiced for its nutrients. The skin of the berry is used in cleansing products the pulp is pureed and transferred into airtight, UV protected containers before heading off to be tested and formulated for consumer products.

TRADITIONAL USE: Traditionally, the people of the land used Sea Buckthorn to help sustain energy levels, improve cellular health, cardiovascular support, healthy inflammation response, joint support, improve immune health, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, help with eczema and rosacea.

RICH IN OMEGA 7: Touted as the “perfect Omega 7”, Sea Buckthorn has been scientifically proven for its health benefits. Omega 7 is important to support healthy weight, cardiovascular health, and gut health. It also helps our skin by naturally boosting collagen production, protects against skin damage, improves skin’s resilience and elasticity and enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture amongst it’s benefits. Rich Omega 7 is also found naturally in cold water fish and macadamia nuts.


The line caught my attention as I’ve been told that it was great for Problematic Skin. I’ve been using the Sea Berry Therapy line exclusively for 2 weeks now. Noticeable difference is the calming effect it has my face. I’ve got super sensitive skin and have struggled with uneven in skin tone especially after having kids. Me and Melasma know each other well and let’s just say, we are not friends. It took some pretty intensive treatment to get it under control. So, now redness is pretty common for me especially if I don’t use really good skin care products and sun protection.

The Hydrating Face Serum is ideal for these colder months that tend to dry my skin our pretty fast. I use this serum day and night after cleansing. I’ve noticed that my skin is smoother in texture as well. In the evening this is all I’ve been using – I’ve not worked in a moisturizer yet. The Polishing Facial Cleanser has tiny biodegradable Jojoba beads for a gentle exfoliation in a fresh citrusy scent. You really only need a little and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean.

What’s also worth trying is the Moisturizing Body Cream. The Sea Buckthorn properties are great for keeping skin healthy and well moisturized without feeling heavy on the skin. I’ve started using it daily after my showers and baths because I know in a few weeks, the colder weather will start drying out my skin. Ugh. I’m ready!

Pretty impressed with the products I’ve tried so far! Now, I’m  eyeing a few others in the line. I’m curious about the supplements now that I’ve been reading up more on the fruit’s benefit. Also, The Miracle Stick is something I’m definitely ordering as it’s apparently is great for healing wounds, bug bites, dry heels and elbows and much more — may just be the ideal gift of the season for everyone on my list. Shhhhhh!

BTW, The line is PETA certified cruelty free and vegan. It’s also Paraben and sulphate free as well as gluten free. Find out more here.