We are in the height of concert and event season. Big groups like NKOTB and Backstreet Boys have already come through our city. We look ahead and see that Michael Buble and Celine Dion are also scheduled to perform in the coming months. And maybe your teens are excited to find out Post Malone is also scheduled for two nights here in Toronto?

I remember my first outdoor summer concert with my friends. It was Bow Wow Wow and The English Beat. It was the best night under the stars and nabbing my first concert t-shirt! I’ll never forget how everyone spread out on the grassy hill and danced in the summer heat. Not a care in the world. I remember another concert — sitting outdoors attending an Andrea Boccelli concert at Ontario Place. The breezy sunset and his spectacular voice filled the open space that was breathtaking contrast to that first loud and wild concert.

Purchasing tickets back then was simple. Box office or phone. That was it. Now purchasing concert tickets can be purchased in your pajamas right from your home online.

While the convenience of online shopping is there, we still sometimes get stressed  over getting the best seats possible.  The release dates are set and you jump on the site as soon as the clock strikes only to find you’re in queue and have to sit by waiting to get in. Sometimes, tickets are sold out by the time you reach your turn. We know that feeling!

Here are some handy tips that will hopefully help you grab those coveted seats!

Sign up for pre-sale codes: Popular performers who have their own sites, will offer up a fan-based newsletter. Signing up will often give their biggest fans early access to tickets including special “meet & greets”. Also, check your credit cards to see several of them offer up early access to tickets or exclusive experiences.

Know your spending limits: Set your spending limits ahead of time before heading into any site to help keep within your budget.

Buy Tickets Safely: Avoid arriving at the venue only to be denied entry and find out that you’ve purchased fraudulent tickets. Buying tickets from the official sources including Ticketmaster.ca and the Ticketmaster mobile app will get you verified tickets. If you’re like us and see resale tickets, we learned that Ticketmaster clearly lists both primary and resale tickets on a single integrated seat map and doesn’t allow speculative ticket listings, so a fan always knows exactly what they are buying. With these features, Ticketmaster remains the safest place for fans to buy tickets to their favourite live events.

Say No to Scalpers: Just say ‘no’ to scalpers outside the venue.  You’re taking your chances with fake tickets.

The Truth about Speculative Selling: Don’t buy tickets that are being sold online before the on-sale date, or listings that don’t disclose a specific seat location, as these increase the likelihood of ticket fraud.

Cover The Code: Just follow one simple rule before posting a photo of your ticket: COVER THE CODE! On your paper or mobile ticket, there is a one-of-a-kind code and if anyone acquires it they can make duplicate tickets to use or sell that render your tickets worthless. That’s a risk you don’t want to take.

Tips for Attending Outdoor Concerts and Festivals:

Take advantage of festival apps: Take your fun to the next level from the palm of your hand, with specialized apps that help easily inform you of the schedule/lineup, map, food/drink vendors, and more.

Pack light: The right outfit is key for any outdoor show, but it’s important to pack light so that nothing holds you back from enjoying the music. One thing that should be on everyone’s packing list is rain gear. Most festivals are rain or shine, so don’t let Mother Nature get in the way of a great time. If you’re sitting on the grass just bring a towel.

Hydrate and take care of yourself: Make sure to pack snacks and a refillable water bottle to keep your energy level up, along with sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself against the sun. Just be sure to check the event guidelines before packing your bag for the day.

Familiarize yourself with the surroundings: Know where the bathrooms, vendors, and first aid stations are all located before settling into your spot for the concert. Have a designated meeting spot just in case you, and your party, get split up.

You’re here for a good time, not a long time, so be respectful of everyone around you. Music brings us all together and will make lasting memories. Enjoy!