Can we know enough female authors? Nope! IWD is a great reason to celebrate women writers. Besides, tucking into a book is basically how we are vacationing this spring. Snuggle up and stay safe this month with some inspiring reads from some of our favourite female authors. March offers 31 days to celebrate the accomplishments of women worldwide. Engage with this feminine energy and pay tribute to your inner-queen with one of these amazing titles.

The Lost Apothecary on by Sarah Penner

Voiced by the incredibly gifted trio of talent Lorna Bennett, Lauren Anthony and Lauren Irwin, the story takes place in 18th century London. This gripping dark fiction plots the patriarchy firmly against the fabric of women who have discovered the mysterious and powerful potions concocted by a local apothecary shop owner. The accompanying PDF package from is stuffed with recipes and maps of London which makes for a lovely care package for those missing their UK travels.

the lost

The Vagina Bible- By Dr Jen Gunter

If you’ve often wished yours came with an owner’s manual, here’s the next best thing to just that. Dr Jen Gunter has been taking down the patriarch on her popular Twitter page, disputing GOOPY Gwen and other vultures who prey on women’s health issues. Straight up and with helpful detailed drawings, Dr. Gunter’s bible should be on every bookshelf.

The Marrow Thieves- by Cherie Dimaline

Winning just about every Canadian book award there is, The Marrow Thieves by Métis author Cherie Dimaline may qualify as YA effort, but the compelling story-telling and wretched circumstances propel it to required reading, no matter your age bracket. The title is grim, and that’s the promise and premise for the setting, in which bone marrow is the secret ingredient to restoring the ability to dream in this apocalyptic paradise.

The Breadwinner Trilogy- by Deborah Ellis 

This gripping and somewhat difficult read will have you checking your privilege, repeatedly. Deborah Ellis has been awarded the Order of Canada for her talents, which also included a nifty $2 million dollar donation to Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and Street Kids International from royalties from this book. Take that JK.

The Hill We Climb- By Amanda Gorman- Pre-Order- Out March 30th

She won the world over with her conviction and poise on Auguration Day. The poet and recent Harvard graduate seems to have penned this collection just when humanity needs it most.

Amanda Gorman

Images by Libby Roach– except The Hill We Climb (hasn’t come out yet!).

Got a suggestion for IWD reads or a fave female author? Let us know below!