A dual-screen? What do we need that for? In my attempt to lessen screen time and be more focused, is this new LG G8X ThinQ device necessary? Perhaps not, but it sure is intriguing enough to see what it can do. As new devices roll out year-after-year, we are curious to see what they can come out with. If we think back 20 – 30 years back we couldn’t even fathom walking around with a pocket-sized computer. We laughed when visionaries were already creating devices that we, today, cannot seem to live without. And now we can’t even imagine what we don’t know tomorrow. Exciting indeed. So, when the new LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen phone came into the market place recently, we absolutely had to look twice.

If you consider yourself a whiz at multi-tasking this device will appeal to your inner core. Not one but two screens allow you to do two things simultaneously without missing a beat. No toggling between apps and fiddling around with your most common mobile activities.

Once you get into the groove of using a dual-screen, it can help with your efficiency in daily tasks.

What are some of the features we’ve been wowed with so far?


We all know that how a device takes photos is a driving force when it comes to a new purchase. The LG G8X ThinQ is equipped with front and back cameras — an impressive selfie camera that offers incredible detail. It also has a powerful zoom in and even cropping the photos still offers a high-resolution quality.

You know those friends who like to take those “flat lay” overhead shots (embarrassing in restaurants as they stand on chairs, you know who you are). The dual-screen device makes these types of shots easier as it has a 360 Freestop Hinge that allows for a great view at any angle.

There is also an ultra-widest lens that takes in sweeping landscapes, skylines, and huge groups offering vivid captures.

The 4K time-time lapse video feature is great for those who like to create high-quality video content. Capturing a sunset is stunning — almost like you’re really there with the sharpness in details.

Reflection mode is great for selfie lovers, the dual-screen creates a perfectly lit environment without any additional attachments.

Insta Capture: is a useful tool handy when you e.g. have an image that you’ve grabbed and want to include it into an email. Instead of having to toggle back and forth you can easily and quickly share.


For gamers, users will be interested in how this device works. First, you can use both screens or one depending on your preference. Whichever one you choose, it’s a full-screen experience. There’s a built-in LG GamePad that’s also customizable and makes gaming more fun.

Efficiency & Productivity:

Accessible in both vertical and horizontal modes to please individual preferences and if you prefer a keyboard this offers more space for typing on a full screen on one side.

My Favourite Pick: As soon as you open your device you can set your apps upfront for faster access. I had included the camera, music, calendar on my front screen.

Instashopping: spot something you want ? We love this feature where you can snap an image and search where to get it. No need to open separate windows to check out exactly what you’re hoping to buy and from where. Admit it, you’re also a multi-slacker and can juggle keeping up with your social while you’re blowing through your inbox at work. You can use one screen to catch up on emails while simultaneously using the other for chatting on Telegram.

The versatility of using one or two screens is what I also found handy in this device.  I may not always want to use a dual-screen – especially at night when out and prefer to lighten up what’s in my handbag or pocket. Simply unhinge one screen and go.