I had always considered Vitamin Infusion Intravenous (IV)  Treatments  a “California” thing to do. Maybe because I had only seen it on reality shows where the celebrities and socialites had touted the benefits after a night of partying or stepping off their private jets after a whirlwind  shopping trip in Milan. I had no idea  this kind of treatment had become mainstream and accessible until I began exploring it myself. I was curious as to why people turn to this treatment for a boost of vitamins.

I recently met with Dr. Scurtu at Canada Chemists (located Avenue Road north of Lawrence in Toronto) — A two-story fresh, modern and friendly independent pharmacy located uptown. I quickly learned this wasn’t your average pharmacy. It was a place not only for compounding prescriptions and specialty items, but they also offered an array of services that truly brings back the attention to servicing each person’s needs.  What also drew me was the access to natural path doctors and others who help  with overall health and wellness.

To have a naturopathic doctor on site is a real draw. If you’re looking for ways to help address health concerns it’s worth tapping into the insight offered here.  Dr. Scurtu’s approach is focused on listening to your needs and then tailoring treatment plans accordingly.  I made an initial meeting appointment with Dr. Scurtu to discuss my overall health. I don’t know what I don’t know. But I do know that there are a few things I wouldn’t mind tweaking and I’m all for learning about what could help. I’ve had great success with naturopathic doctors in the past.

Dr. Scurtu was first drawn to Naturopathic Medicine with a deep desire to understand the innate healing powers of the body. She tells me it all still fascinates her.

“In my family, we grew up taking natural medicines … wanted to learn more about it and helping people restore their health.” ~ Dr. Scurtu

The focus of her practice is first maintaining and promoting health. She also focuses on thyroid conditions, headaches and migraines, and pain. Intravenous infusions play a big role in her practice.

I had filled out a questionnaire ahead of time so when we met we had a starting point for the consultation. Well, I’m turning 55 this year and I want to get ahead the years coming.

At first I thought, heck, I’m feeling pretty okay. But then I started making a list. Menopause, joint pain, weight gain around my midsection (blaming pandemic baking), brain fog, lack of concentration and focus.

Then, I felt like I was all over the map.

Dr. Scurtu and I had a very interesting chat about my concerns.  The last time I had the help from a naturopath was when I was looking for ways to help my body recover from a severe bout of food poisoning (Campylobacter) that landed me in the hospital. It took two years to fully recover with a very careful diet and it worked.

I found this consultation to be a good starting point and it gave me enough to think about moving forward. On this visit I also tried a Vitamin Infusion Intravenous treatment that Dr. Scurtu had recommended.

I asked her why people consider this treatment? I take vitamins daily (when I remember).  She explains that our vitamins whether it be in pill, capsule, gummy or liquid format that are taken orally need to be digested first before our bodies get the good stuff. Also, I’ve noticed I need to take two, three, or even four pills of each vitamin daily to get the recommended daily amount. I counted with what I was taking. If I was accurately followed the guidelines on the bottles it meant I would be taking 9 pills daily. Unfortunately I am not disciplined enough to do this daily. There I said it.

If you pick up a bottle of say, vitamin pills for joint pain will tell you that you probably won’t see any difference until after five months. Also, I learned that vitamins vary from brand to brand. She suggests that if you do take vitamins, be sure to do your research and ask all the questions. My regular GP had also recommended that I look for higher quality vitamins so I recently started taking AOR branded vitamins that are often only found at specialized pharmacies including Canada Chemists.

The Vitamin Infusion Intravenous Treatment is a great option to get much needed nutrients into your body more efficiently and effectively. Dr. Scurtu also listens to your concerns and each formulations is tailored to your needs.

On this first visit, she tells me my infusion was a mixture of vitamins and minerals in a very balanced formula. It included…

  • Calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium trace minerals
  • All B-vitamins
  • Vitamin C

She tells me that most people notice improvements often at their first or second visit. Once they see how effective it is they will often return over and over again.

Did I notice any changes after the first Vitamin IV experience? I did this around 4 pm on Friday.  She also mentioned that I should sleep well that night.

The most noticeable changes?

First off, clarity in my thinking. I didn’t feel foggy like normal.  I’m not feeling so overwhelmed with work like I was before that sometimes made me just feel like shutting down. I’m back to being able to concentrate once again. As I’m writing a week later I still feel that positive and  focused energy.

Joint pains are less. Prior to the treatment I had lot of trouble with my joints and lower back pain. Both have noticeably decreased but haven’t gone away completely. But this was the first visit and it was a surprise.

There are many well documented articles and studies that support this treatment. Simply Google the topic if you’re curious and you’ll discover tons of scientific and medical information. Chatting with Dr. Scurtu, can help you determine if this is something that can benefit you.

Some of the most common reasons people turn to Vitamin IV treatments include:

  • boosting immune system
  • treat headaches and migraines
  • chronic pain
  • thyroid issues
  • recovery from sports
  • improve skin
  • chronic fatigue
  • pms
  • menopause
  • increase in metabolism

I already know I’ll return to learn more. If you’re interested in learn more you can find her at Canada Chemists (by appointment only) 

Have you tried? I’d love to know how you felt afterwards.