Global Wellness Day (June 12) is a day that encourages everyone to take time to participate in activities that help to make lives better. Founded in 2012, the day has been well received in many countries. It can be as simple as taking time to get outdoors, eating healthier and discovering new recipes, a yoga session, or being more aware of our breathing. Or try gardening, listen to an inspiring story, and spending time kicking off your shoes and feeling the grass beneath your feet. Change something in your life that would bring you more joy even if it’s just a little thing. For us it’s a reminder that we need to take better care of ourselves so we can take better care of the world.

There are many ways we can help ourselves especially during these pandemic times. Take a moment and pause on this day and catch a breath. Here are some ideas worth exploring on Global Wellness Day and other days when you feel like you need a break from the daily grind…

Canadian Mental Health Association’s Free Mental Health Courses: We can all agree that mental health is a priority for all ages, races, and social standing. We’ve all been challenged personally. To help us better understand, there are many great online courses/workshops available with CMHA and Canadian colleges that offer them. Some courses we are eyeing: Fear and Anxiety: What’s it all about?, Emotion Regulation Workshop, Building Better Boundaries Online, Comfort the Discomfort, Conversations that Matter, Managing Your Inner  Critic, Rethinking Our Thoughts, Wellness Tools for the New Normal, Art of Friendship(Responsibility and Commitment). 

Photo by Bonnie Kittle/Unsplash

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto: has recognized Global Wellness Day for several years offering special activities on the day. Join in on this day that celebrates the importance of living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. There are several virtual activities planned on this day including live streamed yoga classes for adults and children, a cooking class, and a sound healing meditation session. Follow them on social for updates.

elmspa Toronto’s Bamboo Massage: As things begin to ease up in our city, the little sister outpost of Toronto’s iconic Elmwood Spa, has recently introduced the Bamboo Massage. Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist, this incorporates heated bamboo stalks of different lengths and diameters to provide a deep and firm massage. The heated canes are used in a roller-like fashion, kneading, stretching and elongating muscles and have several therapeutic benefits — relief of tension, aches and pains, promote circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage. Of course, you’ll also feel a deep sense relaxation and well-being. The 80-minute session can be booked on the elmspa site.

Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk: Our team can’t get enough of this incredible series. Each episode has offered up personal stories of each guest and designed to encourage you to enjoy a walk that makes you want to go further in distance. Guests include Dolly Parton, Shawn Mendes, Jane Fonda, Anderson Cooper and many more. Jon M. Chu’s episode made me happy cry. Paired with Apple Watch for access on the go. It’s your perfect walking buddy.

Fitbit + Deepak Chopra: The well-known meditation guru has an exclusive series of sessions available to Fitbit Premium Subscribers. Designed to help you find calm, focus, and be present. Find a quiet space in your day, be mindful and enjoy.

Keep a health & wellness journal: Great for all ages. Taking a page out of the musical Dear Evan Hansen start a journal and jot down how you feel at the end of each day. I’m a fan of Moleskine. Start with “Today is a good/great/not so great day because…” and build on that. Look for the positives but don’t ignore your feelings. We are human. We are okay to feel. We also include photos – instant ones rather than ones we save on our phones. There’s something beautiful about printed out physical copies of images. We’ve been taking the Fuji Instax Mini 40 out lately to capture some everyday moments. We love the new selfie mode.

Arts in Hong Kong – Gallery Hopping Online: We’ve always enjoyed exploring the art scene and with online access now you can be easily transported to many key cities and take virtual tours. Recently we explore Art Basel in Hong Kong online but also happily discovered so much more on their newly launchd app that opens up a whole world of art from traditional to contemporary as well as street art.

Mural by Hong Kong artist LeonLollipop.

Zentangle Arts: Recently we learned about how to create Zentangles – part doodling all soothing this art form takes shape with drawings that flow. It’s often referred to as yoga for the mind helping to calm the mind and encourage positive vibes. Artists Teresa Chan has been passionate about arts and crafts ever since she was a child. Having graduated form the University of Huddersfield with a degree in graphic design, she has worked as a graphic designer and is a certified Porcelarts instructor accredited by the Japan Vogue Club and a US qualified Zentangle professional. She’s worked with clients including Fendi, Chantecaille Beaute, Le creuset, and more.

Daytripper: take a day away from your computer and get outside and explore. Could be a local park, waterfront, or nearby hiking trail. Small towns are great for exploring (socially distanced of course and wear your masks) and we will soon be able to do more as lockdown restrictions ease up. If you’re in Toronto, the Distillery District has a few new public installations to check out as well as existing ones. The Toronto Islands are accessible again and ferry rides are active. Purchase your tickets online before heading down and check the site for what’s permitted on the islands. Another great outing is exploring the city’s treasure of larger than life street art, public installations, and murals. Check out 

Shmurgle with Goats at Haute Goat: Good news! You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to meet and cuddle with a few little goats! They are super friendly and the owners of HauteGoat has announced they will be reopening June 21. Located in Port Hope just about an hour outside of the city’s core, this little escape will put you in the best mood. Located also on the grounds is the Screaming Goat Cafe and market that all focuses on supporting local farmers and artisans.

Soothing & Cleansing with DOM: Over the past year+ we’ve made masks and hand sanitizers everyday. We were taken by surprise when two bottles of DOM (and not the bubbly kind – but luxe hand sanitizers) arrived for us to try. Little did we realize how much of a difference this made in our everyday. The organic range is powerful enough to kill bacteria and viruses but deliver ingredients that are safe, clean and nourishing for your skin. The two scents, Organic Rosemary and Organic Lavender, are both perfectly sized and fit to go wherever you go — the office, out for a night on the patio, walk at the beach, and even the fitness studio. The spray bottle delivers beautiful and soothing scents that will calm you in an instant. DOM is organic, vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten free, cruelty free, phthalate free, sulphate free, paraben free, and silicon free. Made by a Toronto-based company so yes, supporting local! Yay! Also, for every DOM sold, the company will donate $1 to The SickKids Foundation.