It’s a known fact that our pets provide us comfort in the most difficult times. Science doesn’t have to tell us that they are in tune with what we are feeling and how they offer us unconditional love. We see it every day. But what about now? Our routines are thrown off track. Everyone is staying home. We’re faced with intense challenges today with COVID19 and we’ve not experienced anything like this before. Yes, we will get through it eventually. But have you stopped to wonder what our pets are feeling and what they are trying to tell us?

“The sad truth is that on any given day our animals can feel us and we can feel them, and with our current global climate some animals are feeling it more than ever,” says Meg, a Toronto-based animal communicator aka Modern Day Dolittle. We were curious to find out more.

Meg tells us that many animals come to help heal their humans. “They take on any discordant energy (in the form of emotions) that don’t serve them or their highest good – emotions like fear, worry, sadness, frustration, etc.. Many animals come to serve their humans by taking on their “junk” so to speak, but the animals are talking, loudly, right now.”

But what are they communicating to us? “They don’t necessarily want to take on their humans’ stuff,” says Meg. “They wish so deeply for their humans to clean up their own emotional field so they can enjoy a long, happy, healthy life together.”

Okay, so how can us humans do that?

Meg suggests including a variety of grounding and energy clearing techniques. Everything from mindful meditation to breathing techniques are helpful. “Wim Hof is amazing!” she adds. FYI, we just noticed that there is a free mini class available at Wim Hoff’s site to try now. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or ‘tapping’ has helped her as well.

A little too woo-woo for you? Meg tells us that even daily self-care exercises like sea/Epsom salt baths, saging, crystals, etc. and  just getting outside for fresh air or walks in nature are little things we can do for ourselves – of course, keep in mind social distancing guidelines. One hockey stick distance away from others!

“At the end of the day we need to take care of ourselves, and if our animals can encourage and motivate us to help ourselves, out of pure and unconditional love for them, then they’ve done their job,” says Meg.