I was introduced to the takesumi detox when I had attended a green beauty pop up market in Toronto. Kaia Naturals was a company I had already heard of for their natural line of skin care but what caught my attention at this show was their takesumi detox deodorant.

I’ve been interested in what, for a lack of better word, “alternatives” are out in the market place for someone like me who is interested in decreasing the amount of chemicals I’m exposed to each and every day. I’ve heard from cancer survivors that one of the first things they had switched up in their daily regime is their deodorant. Think about it, it’s where sensitive glands are on our bodies.  Deodorants, and in particular, antiperspirants were created to block our pores from sweating –our body’s natural way of cooling off and getting rid of toxins.

We’ve been conditioned to think that sweat is bad. For most of us,  the sweat marks and odor are downright embarrassing. And what about those yellow stains on our clothing? That’s actually caused by the aluminum often in over the counter products interacting with bacteria. Sweat itself is clear.

Now I know a “detox” in the armpit sounds like the latest cleanse craze but when I tried this out, I learned far more about this area on my body and it’s worth paying attention to.

So, what is the takesumi detox?

It’s a 99% natural deodorant stick that’s vegan, cruelty free, no aluminum, no synthetic fragrances (full details on their site) but it’s not just apply and go. This detox takes a beginner on a easy journey of cleansing. A step-by-step guide takes you through the motions to help rid of the built-up toxins in your body. When we’ve been using big brand deodorants and antiperspirants (remember they block our pores) it means that our body has been also blocking the toxins from getting out. So, over the years our body has been building them up.

Charcoal is a key ingredient in the takesumi detox that is known to help draw out impurities from our bodies. If you’ve ever done a proper juice cleanse you’ll also know that there are steps to the process to reap the benefits.

Know that the first few days, maybe a week, your sweaty areas are adjusting. The charcoal will do it’s job and don’t be surprised if you do notice an door and a little more sweating than usual. I suggest working around your social schedule and be serious to committing to your good health. But having said that, some people don’t even experience much of this. I didn’t have much door but a little more sweating definitely. If you do, just keep in mind that everything is working accordingly.

There’s nothing really more to do than to weather out the stages of detox which could take two to four weeks. It’s different for everybody.  The deodorant is applied once daily and once your body has purged the impurities (and you may not even realize it all happening). Then, continue using as your daily deodorant and have peace of mind knowing that your body will naturally get rid of the bad stuff and still feel fresh and clean.

The takesumi detox comes in several natural scents including English Lime Mint, Nordic Frost, Cold Pressed Rose, Juicy Bamboo, Sakura Blossom, Black Oak and Bourbon (that’s great for the guys!)

Learn more here: takesumi detox