It seems like the medi-spa industry has become more commonplace.  We’re not talking about relaxing facials with essential oils with sounds of trickling water and Enya playing in the background. Yes, there is time for those, but we’re also going beyond the day-spa experiences and booking into treatments that give us some serious results. They come with proven science and technological advancements for longer-lasting and often incredible results.

There are treatments for almost every skin concern and a wide demographic. So, what are the most popular treatments requested by age?

From injectables to micro-needling, it might feel like everyone is heading into a “medi-spa”. But let’s not treat these type of services lightly. A proper consultation with an expert can make a world of difference in improving our skin and overall appearance. We can’t stress enough how important it is to find someone with experience. That is, someone who will listen to your skin concerns, recommend the best route, and discuss future treatments and maintenance that realistically would be required to achieve the desired goals.

Our team of writers constantly scours the industry to speak with experts with legitimate skin concerns for each of our age categories. We are your mom next door, the auntie down the street, and that bestie who will share what we learn. We definitely ask all the questions we can think of because, like you, we want to know how things work, what results we see, and if it’s all worth it.

When we had learned the Toronto’s Reforme Lab had opened a second location in Mississauga, we knew it was worth a visit.

medi-spa Reforme Lab

Reforme Lab

Reforme Lab was founded by Deena Kubti, Head Nurse Injector and Spa Director, out of a passion for providing injectables and beauty treatments that blend scientific rigour with an artistic touch. Deena emphasizes the importance of a personalized approach: “At Reforme Lab, we believe in tailoring each procedure to the individual’s unique needs and desired aesthetic outcomes. Our focus is on creating customized treatments that deliver natural-looking results, ensuring our clients leave with a feeling that they’ve never felt before.”

Deena tells us her clients feel a sense of confidence and trust in her and her team. Her experience and guidance, along with a customized approach, are what she’s known for. She won’t provide treatment without a thorough discussion.

Case in point, I was interested in learning how to achieve a more elongated face, and friends had talked about chin augmentation using fillers. Deena took the time to explain that this type of treatment is more complex than just filler in one spot. It would also mean looking at the face’s overall balance and symmetry for a natural result.

She suggested I think about this before diving in, and I appreciated that thoughtfulness. There have been other medical spa clinics where the staff have been quite aggressive in having me commit to a series of treatments fast. This wasn’t my experience here. Deena wanted me to understand the full process.

Reforme Lab’s mission is to ensure that the clientele is comfortable with the recommended treatments. After all, each person who walks out of her spa is a walking example of her work. As a highly respected injector and educator in the industry, she feels strongly about earning and keeping the trust of her clientele.

Beyond Injectables…

Reforme Lab offers an impressive menu of facial treatments dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each individual’s skin. Each skincare protocol is finely tuned to individual skin types through a personalized dermo-cosmetic diagnosis using Biologique Recherche — a unique line of effective and high grade skincare products from France.

The methodology at Reforme Lab is built on the foundation of various systems for analyzing, diagnosing, and prescribing, ensuring that products and skincare treatments are always in sync with the client’s skin. The process includes an assessment, initialization, and treatment stage, providing comprehensive and customized skincare solutions. Other services at Reforme Lab include Mesotherapy, Vampire Facial (micro-needling with PRP), LED therapy, and more.

Hello, Mississauga!

After six years at their Toronto location, Deena noticed a significant expansion in the clinic’s customer base. This prompted her to consider expanding to Mississauga, specifically Streetsville. “Many of our clients were travelling from afar to visit our Toronto location, and we recognized the need to cater to those who prefer to avoid city traffic,” said Deena. “Our aim was to meet the demands of people living outside the downtown core, focusing on the Peel Region.

Streetsville’s quaint neighbourhood and warm, community-oriented atmosphere drew them in. “We wanted to bring that same welcoming and relaxed environment to our practice, creating a personal experience where every client feels at ease and valued. Our goal was to design a space where clients could relax in the waiting area and enjoy the environment, unlike the typical rushed feeling often found in downtown core businesses where everyone seems constantly moving.”

Reforme Lab’s newest location continues to offer state-of-the-art treatments and procedures through a range of innovative technology. These include dermal fillers, anti-aging injections, RF Microneedling, mesotherapy, and much more.

Reforme Lab
Reforme Lab’s soothing reception area Mississauga location – photo credit Alyssa Lancaster

The Vibe

The new location boasts an elevated, tranquil ambiance with a neutral colour palette. The soft and natural finishes add to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

“More often than not, medispas can look a bit sterile and not feel very inviting, so our vision was to create an immersive experience where stepping inside feels like embarking on a journey,” says Deena. “While our treatments are medically advanced and rooted in science, Reforme Lab transports our clients to a destination where they can truly unwind, rejuvenate, and depart feeling revitalized and confident as if they’ve just come from a five-star hotel spa.”

So, what’s trending now in the beauty industry?

Deena tells us in her clinic and throughout the beauty industry, they are witnessing a notable rise in the “clean girl” aesthetic, a trend that champions a less-is-more philosophy. “This aesthetic is all about achieving a naturally “snatched” appearance with minimal makeup, a focus on hydration, and an effortlessly chic look.

I’ve always gravitated towards this style, prioritizing it in my work to maintain a timeless appeal rather than chasing fleeting trends that could potentially harm your body in the long run. Even during phases when more aggressive looks were popular, I’ve remained faithful to my inspiration and injection style, which I believe to be both timeless and continually in demand while generating beautiful and long-lasting results.”

reforme lab

There is a wide age range now visiting clinics for treatments. Some are saying it’s ideal for young women to be more proactive and start treatments earlier. What’s your take?

“Taking a proactive approach to skincare, especially with preventive treatments like neurotoxins, is clinically proven beneficial,” says Deena. “It’s comparable to the classic analogy of preserving a luxury leather shoe by keeping it in a glass box and never using it; over time, the shoe will continue to look the same compared to one that is worn and used every day—it’s a preventive measure that avoids the development of deep creases.

However, the age at which one should start such treatments highly depends on individual factors, including lifestyle habits, facial development, and genetics. While it’s not advisable to start injectables at the age of 18 when facial structures are still evolving, being realistic about the signs of aging and addressing them at the right age demographics is crucial.

For instance, someone with poor eyesight and frequently squints, may develop wrinkles earlier. This is due to increased muscle use around the eyes and forehead. Therefore, as soon as these signs become noticeable, it’s important to consider treatment options. It’s worth noting that a woman’s face continues to develop until around 24. Structural changes like filler should be approached cautiously, waiting until the facial and skeletal structures are fully developed. It’s about finding the right balance between being proactive and respecting the natural developmental stages of the face.”

What are the most requested treatments by age?

Treatments vary depending on age group, and the approach also differs based on the individual’s age, even if they share similar concerns. Deena tells us these are the most requested…


  • Lip Filler (very trending)
  • Micro Needling to correct old scars and give you a refreshed look
  • Morpheus8 to treat active acne and old acne scars
  • Facials to cleanse and exfoliate the face


  • Dermal Filler for cheeks and chin
  • Neurotoxin
  • Morpheus8 for lifting and pore tightening
  • ILP for hyperpigmentation/sun damage for face
  • Mechanical Stimulation which is hydrating and lymphatic drainage facials


  • Neurotoxin for forehead, crow’s feet, bunny lines, mouth, and neck – ‘Nefertiti’ neck lift
  • Dermal Filler for mid-face restoration
  • Temples Augmentation
  • Jawline work for preventative and maintenance
  • IPL for broken capillaries around the nose and/or cheeks and hyperpigmentation on the chest
  • Intense hydrating facials and peels
  • Morpheus8


  • Neurotoxin from the forehead to neck
  • Morpheus8 for lifting or fat reduction (submental fat/double chin), lower face strengthening
  • Dermal Filler for hand volume restoration
  • PRP to the neck
  • PRP hair restoration for hair thinning
  • IPL for face, chest, and hands (broken capillaries/rosacea for face and chest, and sun damage)


  • If a person has not had any past treatments and is new to the injectable space, we would start with full-face bio stimulators (Sculptra) and a TPFR/PRP lift to restore full-face tissue integrity.
  • After a few sessions of these, introduce dermal fillers and neurotoxin
  • PRP restoration for hair thinning
Reforme Lab

What is one of Reforme Lab’s most popular treatments?

“If we were to highlight one treatment that addresses multiple concerns effectively, it would be Morpheus8. However, each person is unique, making it challenging to pinpoint one treatment as the very best or most interesting, as it varies for each individual. Treatment plans are not one-size-fits-all. We take a holistic approach and create a tailored treatment plan for every client, focusing on long-term results. Our approach involves considering all aspects, realistic outcomes, and the most efficient path to achieve the patient’s goals. Our team works together, integrating our expertise to develop the best action plan for each patient. We prioritize comprehensive solutions that address the root cause rather than applying temporary fixes.”

What should we know about Botox/Dysport?

Deena mentioned that Botox/Dysport has indeed become widely used and beneficial for addressing various concerns in the cosmetic injection space. However, there are some misconceptions that she wish people would know about:

“Firstly, it’s a myth that Botox/Dysport stretches the skin or makes it worse after you stop using it. When administered properly, it has no long-term adverse effects on the skin.

Additionally, while it’s often considered a preventative treatment, it’s also a great option for those new to cosmetic injections or looking for a subtle enhancement. It’s great to dip your toes into the cosmetic world without committing to long-term treatments.

Moreover, Botox/Dysport can help you achieve a natural look and reduce the need for heavy makeup, making it an appealing option for those aiming for a more refreshed appearance,” said Deena.

To learn more about Reforme Lab visit their site here.

There are two locations to visit:

  • Reforme Lab Toronto: 7-535 Queen Street East (at the corner of Queen & River Street)
  • Reforme Lab Mississauga: 1 Main Street, Streetsville, Mississauga