Spending more time indoors? We gotcha! In a recent #ProVTalks Instagram Live event @ByProvacare, we listened in on Dr. Jess O’Reilly, host of the Sex with Dr. Jess Podcast, and her advice on how to keep your sex life happy and healthy. What popped up was an ongoing conversation of vibrators and toys that was enough to have us blushing. The assortment? enough to make you dizzy. We had no idea. So, we decided to return to Dr. Jess and asked her to help us navigate what are some of the most popular and why.

But first…um, how do you bring up the idea of using a sex toy with your partner?

Dr. Jess suggests a 3-step approach when introducing something new.

  1. Start with the positive. I love the way you…
  2. Make an inquiry. Is there anything you’d like to try?
  3. Make your request with reference to the perceived (shared) benefit. I’d love to try _____ and I think we’ll both find it exciting.

Dr. Jess also suggests also talking about each other’s sex values. What does sex mean to you? What are your motivations for having sex? How do you feel about sex? What makes for a positive sexual experience? How do you like to feel before sex? How do you like to feel during sex? How do you like to feel after sex? How does sex fit into your relationship? How do you define pleasure? What types of pleasure appeal to you — physical, emotional, spiritual, relational?

Couples should also talk about sexual frequency. “Over time, frequency of sex often declines and becomes a point of contention in relationships,” said Dr. Jess. “This is why it’s important to talk about your desires and expectations regardless of whether you’re aligned or not (i.e. talk about issues before the problems arise).”

Also, take care of yourself first! “Taking care of your mind and body involves enacting behaviours that feel good — physically and mentally. You might focus on your sleep, diet, movement, pleasure social life, personal development and overall health. When it comes to vaginal health, you may consider products like Provacare, which has been clinically proven to treat and prevent recurring yeast and bacterial infections.”

BTW, her  #ProVTalks and podcasts are awesome if you ever want to check them out! We love her! Keep up to date with what’s happening here.

Okay…here you go! Dr. Jess’s Top 5 favourite sex toys….

We-Vibe Pivot: this is the perfect vibrating ring for penises — and if your partner has a clitoris it’s ideal for mutual pleasure. It vibes against the clitoris externally and it’s angled to allow you to have sex in almost any position. You can control it directly from the ring or connect it with the We-Connect app which allows you to share your pleasure with a partner anywhere in the world.

Womanizer Premium: this toy changed the orgasm game! Unlike traditional vibrators, the Womanizer toys use “pleasure air” technology to create a unique sensation that is a cross between sucking, licking, kissing and vibing. Its open head sits around the head of the clitoris.

We-Vibe Moxie: Take your pleasure on the road with this panty vibe that is powerful, rumbly, but totally discreet. You can control it on your own or hand over the reins to a partner via the We-Connect app.

Crave Vesper: This pretty piece doubles as a necklace and will be your little secret, as only those in the know will know its true function.

Romp Wave Lay On: This toy fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is ideal for rubbing along the outside (to stimulate the inner bulbs of the clitoris) or finding pinpointed pleasure against the external clitoral head.

Okay…toys aside, we also asked about sex and yeast infections. According to Dr. Jess, most physicians would likely recommend avoiding intercourse that might worsen the discomfort, pain or irritation, BUT you can in fact have sex while taking Provacare during a yeast infection. What’s more- is that new sexual partners can actually be the root CAUSE of changes in vaginal pH which can lead to infections. Other culprits include excessive sweating or moisture, (hello wet bathing suits, or sudden increases in your workout routine), that also throws vaginal pH off balance.

Provacare is a specially formulated over the counter vaginal probiotic is designed to optimize feminine health while respecting the natural function of the female body. Traditional treatments can kill healthy bacteria, potentially leading to repeat infections, they also can have unpleasant side effects. Provacare works to help restore the body back to its natural state, without the side effects of traditional treatments, and achieve the normal pH level required for a balanced vaginal ecosystem. We thought this was interesting to share.