When I first met Angel Morgan she had a steady radio gig on newstalk 1010  (still does) and toured across Canada with her special “reading” events that sell out each and every time. She was already established as a well-known name in the psychic realm.  Having met with thousands of people, Angel has also conducted intimate and personal readings with people who often turn into repeating clientele.

Most people want to know about their current or future situations, but they also gravitate to Angel to find messages of comfort and hope — sometimes the messages come from those who have passed on. Others want to meet her because they want to recharge their energy. She even communicates with pets. A gift? Hocus-pocus?  Are you a believer? It’s all very personal. But that initial meeting was enough to convince me to dig further into who Angel is and how she got there.

We met at a café in Toronto one afternoon. I recall Angel flying in (not on a broomstick) full of energy and within mere minutes of us chatting a friend of mine walked through the door. Angel shifted her focus to a complete stranger to her. She quickly explained who she was and felt she needed to tell her something. Before I could introduce them Angel had some pretty personal stuff to tell her. My friend who was visibly shaken confirmed what Angel had said was accurate.

When the moment in the cafe returned to calm, Angel expressed to me that she wouldn’t normally approach anyone without their openness and definitely with no intention to alarm them.  Having chatted with Angel several times, I’ve seen her in situations where I know she cannot turn her psychic abilities off. The messages come through at any given moment in any situation. But she respects the recipient’s openness to receiving them.

Flash forward to today and I was curious about how this new world approach thanks to COVID19 affected her and what she does. I had the opportunity to meet Angel once again – only this time it was through FaceTime. This is how I quickly learned she was still in demand with those who are hoping for a live reading. I wondered how would that work.

Even though it’s been five years since we last connected, she’s very comfortable to chat with — like that forever friend that you can just pick up a conversation with ease. As we caught up about what the heck is happening in the world and how our kids and pets were, she would pause as messages would be coming through from some of my beloved family members.  What she told me was oddly accurate and not expected. One was my grandfather had entered into the moment and relayed some rather specific information. There is NO WAY Angel would have known about, could have even guessed about or even check on social media about. He passed away well over 25 years ago. There was no Instagram or Facebook then to even dig about if she tried.

I was happy to check in with her to see what’s been going on since the last time we chatted…

Firstly, how are you doing through all of this Covid19 ? Have you been baking like the rest of us?

Angel: I have been busy! I’m in Toronto now and loving it!

My 16 year old is the baker in the family. He loved it before and loves it more now. I’m only good at soups and salads! I have my garden and I’m growing squash because it’s our favourite. My man is the main dish guy, so between the three of us, we have dinner covered!

We are lucky, Covid is actually treating us kindly. Lots of family time, movies and walks. We used to homeschool so distance learning has been a fairly easy transition for us.

Distance learning actually prompted me to give back to homeschoolers so when I developed my animal-specific website angelmorganpetpsychic.com I made sure it had a kids’ corner section that links to all kinds of fun stuff for kids, including one to the Smithsonian! I thought it would be a cool thing to do to keep kids occupied. Everything is energetic to me, so helping others thrive in even the smallest of ways keeps me happy.

Writing articles for my blog mypsychiclifestyle.com keeps me busy and is one of my favourite things to do. Coffee, cat, computer…I call it an energetic lifestyle blog, and I believe everything is energetic, so I cover a whole myriad of topics…Pets, parenting, art, energetic fashion and various aspects of life and lifestyles.

I am still working with animals as an animal communicator which keeps me busy too. It’s fun to see how they respond online. Noses that squish up to cameras, cats all curled up in mum’s lap. One of my cats loves perching on my chest during readings, everyone knows her!

I’m still doing newstalk 1010’s The Night Side each month as “Angel, the psychic”. It’s all being done remotely for now, so I’m still reading listeners live, but I miss going into the studio and seeing Barb Diguilio, the host who is amazing — and her wonderful production team!

Covid has changed things, but it’s just a new adventure.

What kind of self-care are you working on for yourself these days?

Angel: Just trying to balance me time with family and work. The three of us are home 24/7 so I am in my garden when I need alone time, I’m also journaling, and re-visiting my creative side. I did a Shakespeare binge on TV a month ago for a week and it was so awesome to remember how I felt about the stage. It brought back a lot of wonderful memories of being in theatre for me. These days I am encouraging everyone to do something they loved from the past. it’s a great feeling! These are really nice energies to go back to so you can see how far you have come.

My wonderful other half introduced me to my first half marathon and duathlon last fall so I am slowly starting to train for those again. Goals are important. I’m thinking and preparing for what I want to do when things open up fully. Being active inspires me. It also keeps me sane and centred during isolation.

We watch lots of movies for family time. For a while, the isolation munchies kicked in so I was eating lots of my son’s baking. I don’t know if I would call that self-care, but it felt like it at the time!

I am doing some of my own energetic work as well. Having fun taking out the old decks of tarot cards I started reading with, sitting quietly (not easy for my Gemini self) and asking for guidance in my own life and future. Catching up with old teachers and mentors who guided me along my path to say thank you after so long of not connecting or connecting so rarely.

All of these things are informing my work too. I am doing it for me, but I am finding that as I self-fulfill my readings are going deeper, are clearer, and I have so much to offer. It’s great!

We’re in crazy pandemic times. What are people asking you about these days?

Angel: Well, many people think that my clients are coming to me asking if they or their families are going to get sick. They really are not.

I have a lot of animal clients who are concerned about their animals’ behaviour since isolation, what will happen once life opens back up, and what they can do during this time to make it easier for their pets. It happens so often I decided to write an article about it (link here). That’s probably the biggest question I think that comes up.

It’s amazing how many people have a positive outlook on this. If anything during a conversation typically People will express how much they are learning and growing.

If anything I would say I am seeing a lot of what I call “transition” readings. People are changing on a deep level and beginning to perceive life differently. They want to know if this new way of being, thinking, and living is on the right track for them because it feels so new.

Sometimes readings are not about mediumship, or talking to animals (although I love that part of my path) it’s about guidance and encouragement. I’m lucky when I get a reading like that. I want people to have some sense of movement forward and peace when they leave a session with me. I want people to feel empowered even if their situation may not feel like it. We have many options and my work is to help them see the strongest ones for them. I don’t advise. I show the paths, then it’s up to the client to move forward or not with what they have been shown. There is some choice in future outcomes.

A lot of people will also do a 15-minute reading to see if their travel plans or the home they have put on the market will go well through this time. The answers are very individual. For travel specifically, It depends on the fear factor I find, not the opening of borders. I see some people still feeling anxiety even when things open up and postponing just for that. Which can be reasonable to be sure.

How are you adapting to seeing people now?

Angel: I’m sad that some of my events have been postponed or cancelled. I was supposed to be the animal communicator at Woofstock this year. It’s disappointing that it’s not happening, but I’m still thrilled to be affiliated with them.

At this point, technology has become my new best friend. I’ve become very techy! I’ve learned how to use platforms like Zoom, IG, Skype, and Messenger more efficiently. It’s really helped me to reach more people and to expand and cater to clients outside the country to a greater extent than before.

This has also prompted me to start my own online show called “My show” which is my weekly show on FB live. It’s a platform for me to talk about being psychic, and that we are so much more energetically then we realize.

I have energetic experts and other readers who read with me come on the show, and I give tips on how viewers can find and “tap” into their own unique abilities and share ways they can utilize them in their daily lives.

Doing psychic readings live online where people can ask a question is a great way to give back. I have been asked by a few Facebook groups to come and do readings for their members. I’ve taken to teaching online too. Helping people discover, define, and practice their unique energetic skills is something I never thought I would offer this way.

So I am still doing appearances, just a little differently. Trying to stay busy, active, and do my part. A bored Gemini is a terrible Gemini anyway lol! Isolation has really made me think outside the box as to how I am doing my work. Along with seeing people in my office in Toronto, I would like to continue this once isolation is over, I really enjoy it!

So, you also communicate with animals. What drew you to that? By the way, my dog says hi.

Angel: Bwahaha! This is a fun question! Firstly, Hi Harley!!! checked out your Instagram page:) so awesome. I followed!

I don’t know. It found me. I was told by a medicine man in Guatemala that I would talk to animals. I didn’t believe it, or that it could be done. Once animal communications was proven to me through a class I more than reluctantly went to, my world changed.

Now, as time goes by and with each new client and experience, I find more and more that it’s the coolest job EVER!! And it’s not what people think. I don’t always hear them. Sometimes it’s a feeling or an image I receive. They are so easy to read. I love all my animal clients from spiders to cats and dogs to horses and elephants.

As a child, I would come home with critters in tow and spend time in our backyard talking to them. In fact, without even knowing it, that is where I had my first communication. With a squirrel. I remember I could feel every part of his hands and face as if they were my own. All I recall was that it scared me. I didn’t make the connection to the abilities I have now. Most of us dismiss these experiences the way I did.

This is one of the reasons I want people to know they are energetic and intuitive. It’s a beautiful world and natural part of who we are that doesn’t need to frighten us, but can be fully embraced.

There will always be skeptics but what do you wish people to know about you?

Angel: In my early years, I was a skeptic. I still am. More so now because I know what to look for in a real reader or energetic. I have written about how to choose a psychic. When someone tells me they can read I want to see and feel it for myself. I don’t trust easily. In balance, being a skeptic can be good. I’ve had bad readings when I was younger, and I’ve seen too many people get hurt and that does not sit well with me at all. We are here to empower, encourage, guide and heal. I cannot stress that enough.

My son once wrote an article for an assignment I gave him when we were homeschooling. He was 11. It was called My psychic Mother I thought that he was going to write about how weird I am, about ghosts or something spooky. Instead, he wrote about how having a psychic mom was pretty cool, the uniqueness of our lives, but mostly about how my job was like any other. He wrote about how normal we are.

I am passionate about connecting people to their own intuitive selves so they can continue finding the answers, closure, the movement forward and growth they need after they sit with me. I would like them to know that the animal kingdom needs us and we need them to be whole.

We are all energetically gifted.

Everyone is Intuitive. We use our intuition every moment of every day. We don’t recognize it, we dismiss it, and when it happens or happens sooooo fast we don’t even realize our intuition or “spidey sense” has kicked in because it’s so natural to who we are! Acknowledge that little voice. It is important that we do, it’s part of what keeps us healthy.

If you’re interested in connecting with Angel, you can visit her website to find out more: www.raisingenergy.com

You can also read my first article here.