Mandy’s Salads is back with a little sister. More Mandy’s has arrived with the expected fanfare that these salad siblings deserve. The feverous excitement at the cookbook launch party at 1 Hotel’s lush Flora Lounge was energetic. The impact of their success is spreading across their native Montreal, now in Toronto too. While more locations roll out, in Canada and internationally, the sisters got to work on a sequel to their first cookbook and More Mandy’s was born.

Taking a page from the original Mandy’s Salads, sisters Mandy and Rebecca Wolfe are more of a movement than just a culinary trend. Sisters who not only enjoy spending time together but also set out to create a successful and thriving business, too? One that offers the best of each sibling, scaled up for the world to see? The dynamic duo of weaves their heritage, and their varying skill set (Mandy is the culinary director, and Rebecca is the head of Branding and Marketing) into each of their projects.


Fall Salad features layers of textures, colours and flavours

The story couldn’t be any sweeter than a cabanes à sucre. Setting up their original DIY salad bar in the back of a clothing shop was a gamble. But it turns out they tapped into a loyal audience. Custom and healthy salads truly never go out of style. And with Mandy’s influence, global flavours from faraway locales offer more than just kale-caesar vibes. Salads are layered, both for texture and taste, and while the prep can be more than your usual crouton toss, homemade is always worth it.


Smitten by these sisters who truly embody what sisterhood is all about 🌱 Devouring all the delish! Felicitations @Mandy’s Salads 💓 #auburnlaneeats #mandyssalads

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But More Mandy’s is just that, so much more. Soups, snacks and desserts expand on Mandy’s already stunning repertoire. Injecting tips, ideas and insights throughout, the book even has a scannable code for their musical playlists. And it makes sense, with a cult-like following in-person and on-line, Mandy’s is more than just salads but an experience. Let’s face it, we all want to live in Mandy’s world, in some aspect. Eating fresh healthy foods, jet setting and getting inspired by travel, with your best companion, your sister, c’est magnifique.

And you can, at least in some ways. Transport yourself through a collection of culinary cues and recipes offers a cure to the same old. Get inspired, this little cookbook has heart. Whether you’re an advanced foodie or a basic bitch, the step by step guide makes each dish easy to repeat.

mandy's salads- more mandys -fall salad
Get your mise en place and elevate your plate


What I love most is how Mandy’s recipes never shy away from fat. It’s how you transfer the flavour and feel satiated. Too often women are encouraged to dial things down to make them low-cal. Here, cream, butter and other fats are full, and celebrated. And health is still at the forefront, especially noted are meals that help you feel full and warm, particularly in the grueling dark winters Montreal is known for. They’ve even included a Anti-Flu Tonic to fight colds off. Is Mandy our new mom? 💕

Between the feel-good ethos of eating well and paired with design influences and encouragement to colour outside the lines, this very inhalable cookbook brings Canadian produce, ingredients and traditions to the masses. Approachable, creative and a little daring too. Sign us up for book three, please!

More Mandy’s is available at your local bookstore, and online too.

All images by Libby Roach.