Hello! Welcome to Auburn Lane


So, you’re here and you’re curious about who we are and why start another damn site?

We are four established women in our communities of blogs, magazines and  television. We’re already known for our voices and opinions on everything from food & travel to style & beauty to health & fitness and the digital world. Together we are stronger for this often misrepresented demographic of confident women. We don’t have to justify our choices in life. Hell ya! We’ve earned it!

We are here to thoughtfully share what’s really interesting to who we’ve understood, and recognized, to be our collective core audiences. Like us, you are women who have earned your place at the table and are not interested in wasting time or money. And let’s be honest, we’re not interested in being pigeon-holed either. We’re tired of being told by brands how we should think and assuming what makes our world go around.  If we’ve tried something and it’s a “hell no” we’ll let you know why. We’ll also strive to give you each of our perspectives because we are all different.

But we’re not just about stuff. Oh no! We’re constantly learning and discovering. Our objective is to share our experiences with you and offer the inside track right by our side.

But we’re going to be more than that. You’ll see. Let’s have some fun, shall we? This is our time and our place. Our eyes are open.

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Meet Sonya

LIKES: Creative minds and spaces, contemporary art, musicals, peonies, biographies, any tech that can make life better (okay, and fun), my corgi Harley, bubble tea, Hello Kitty, and really amazing sushi.


WHAT I LOVE TO WRITE ABOUT: I’m focused on the experience. I’m inspired by the story behind the story. My passion and interests include the arts, unique travel experiences, tech in the everyday and okay, I’m obsessed with skincare. Busy because I choose to be.

WHERE ELSE YOU’D FIND ME: TorontoGuardian.com, CanadianReviewer.com  and TechDaily.ca

Instagram: @theculturepearl

Twitter: @theculturepearl

Meet Libby

LIKES: Maple syrup, hats, and hockey. Bulldog puppies & my plum Vespa are also top contenders.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: No squares in my circle!

WHAT I LOVE TO WRITE ABOUT: I’m passionate about food, spirits and fitness fun.

WHERE ELSE YOU’D FIND ME: View the Vibe, YP Dine & BlogTO

Instagram: @cookiespi

Twitter: @libbyroach1


Meet Iva

LIKES: Red lipstick, high-waisted jeans, finding out that there is life after children and turning 40.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

WHAT I LOVE TO WRITE ABOUT: My passions are style and beauty, however, I can throw a curveball.

WHERE ELSE YOU’D FIND ME: fallinginstyle.net, Cityline

Instagram: @ivagrbesic

Twitter: @ivagrbesic