January has always been a month of comfort. I especially yearn for simplicity after a few months of everything coming at me. Know what I mean? It’s a time of renewed energy and appreciation of the details in life that may have been lost in the noise recently. This is why the latest limited edition capsule collaboration between design label Mame Kurogouchi and Uniqlo captures this quiet moment in time for me.

Maiko Kurogouchi is the designer of Mame Kurogouchi. This womenswear brand has gained worldwide recognition for exquisite collections featuring artistry and ingeniously constructed details. Finding inspiration in the small, everyday moments of life, she designs clothes that undeniably enhance the natural curves of a woman’s body. As a result, her designs add elegance and freedom of movement and expression to the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Maiko Kurogouchi. Photo credit Masami Naruo

This is Kruogouchi’s second collection created for the retailer brand. It unquestionably manages to blend exquisite designs that enhance the feminine shape with advanced UNIQLO technology. These pieces deliver exceptional comfort, especially in the depths of winter. Indeed, the items transition seamlessly from innerwear to everyday clothing, wear them on their own or layered for warmth. I’m head over heels with the latest seamless turtleneck!

“In the winter, we experience changes in temperature throughout the day – moving from the chilly outdoors to indoor heated rooms,” Kurogouchi explained in an interview with Uniqlo. “We’re also wearing layers and layers of clothing. With UNIQLO’s AIRism cotton, we were able to create pieces that stay dry and comfortable all day. And, with leading 3D knit technology, we designed a smooth turtleneck jumper that hugs the body beautifully – adding just the right amount of volume. That was a wonderful experience.”

The collection combines Mame Kurogouchi’s delicate designs with UNIQLO’s advanced fabrics and 3D knit technology for comfortable, carefree living. Bras, panties, bra tops, and other items employ soft AIRism cotton and mesh that prevents perspiration, surprisingly, even under warm winter layers. Elegant curves, beautiful back styling, and other sophisticated details shine throughout the collection. A contoured 3D knit cardigan and ribbed pants undeniably accentuate feminine beauty.

The colour palette graduates from white to black, focusing on warm gray to blend in with women’s wardrobes while it also enhances skin tones on winter days.

“It brings me joy to contribute meaningfully to women’s lifestyles through innerwear. I devoted a lot of thought to enhancing details and making fine adjustments to add beauty and comfort,” said Maiko Kurogouchi. “I wanted to capture the essence of the feminine physique and celebrate it with natural curves. A desire to make this collection accessible to women everywhere was a constant consideration. I’m pleased with the results.”

Every item in the collection serves as innerwear or clothing to add warmth and style to every woman’s wardrobe. The collection is, basically, based on one belief. The belief that daily, incremental moments of comfort and beauty lead to change that brightens up lives from the inside.

The collection will be available in store and online beginning January 20. Read more about Maiko Kurogouchi’s inspiration for the latest capsule collection here.