Maybe it’s just my Tik Tok algorithm, but my hair has been on my mind. Or more accurately, hair loss. We can do the whole women of a certain age cliche, but your hair changes with age. Add hormones, stress, weather and poor diet, and things can go from bad to worse.

Thinning, shedding and breakage are all signs that your hair may need some intervention. And while fruity-flavoured B vitamin gummies may taste great, do they actually do anything? There seems to be a new hair loss cure daily (or maybe that’s just my Tik Tok again). It’s confusing. Does any of it actually work?

And then Viviscal Advanced Hair Care entered the chat.


Viviscal was created to promote thicker, fuller and healthier-looking hair. Disrupting the cycle of shedding is a key aspect of keeping the hair you do have. Using clinically proven vitamins and nutrients to target and nourish your natural hair cycles is key to stimulating new growth.

Keratin, Biotin & Zinc are common haircare additions to shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatments. Here, Viviscal ups the ante with proprietary complex Ana:Tel™ and AminoMar C™. Backed by decades of research that began in the 1980s, Viviscal is based on a study by a Scandinavian professor studying Inuit diet and culture. He discovered that their great hair and skin were the result of their fish- and protein-rich diet.

After these protein molecules from their diet had been identified, these key components were formulated to create Viviscal.

viviscal haircare


Available for both men and women, the Viviscal product line includes a Densifying Shampoo, Densifying Conditioner, a leave-in Hair Elixir and a daily oral supplement. The oral supplement features science-backed research ingredients from fish and other sources of protein. It also boasts tried-and-true hair boosters like zinc, magnesium and iron.

Because we often neglect our diets, these supplements could be the key to keeping the hair you do have on your head. In clinical studies, women saw a 32% increase in the number of hair and a nearly 40% reduction in hair shedding/loss in just 3 months.

After 6 weeks of continuous use, my hair was super shiny. I did notice that the shedding seemed to have decreased, but it’s difficult to distinguish if it’s cyclical or because these vitamins are actually doing their thing.

Individuals with fish or shellfish allergies should certainly stay away from Viviscal supplements and opt for one of its non-marine topical products instead. You should also not take Viviscal if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Adding the full spectrum of Viviscal products to your hair care routine ups the ante in your fight against hair loss. Stay tuned in three months – we’ll be updating this post with before and after photos.

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