Looking for something creepy fun to do this month in Toronto? The Jaymes White Séance Experience is an unforgettable way to celebrate the spooky season. And we have two tickets to giveaway!

But let us tell you a bit about Jaymes and his highly anticipated and ALWAYS sold out events. Then, you can tell us if you’re brave enough to enter into this realm of the unexplained.

Since 2015, Jaymes White has been granted unprecedented access to offer séance experiences to the public at some of the most notoriously famous locations across the country. He’s also uncovered some hidden gems that have lesser known histories but equally, if not more, unusual paranormal activities.

His credentials are worth noting. He’s much more than October’s thrills and chills. Jaymes’ lifelong fascination with the mysteries of the human mind and the patterns that exist in our subconscious has granted him a transcendent understanding of human behaviour. He is a master at manipulation; using hypnotism, suggestion, and mind control. Jaymes has been able to harness universal subconscious patterns to predict the behaviour of both crowds of bystanders as well as that of his audiences. Jaymes has also trained his memory so that it is more powerful and reliable than an eidetic memory.

Jaymes has acquired such a following that even detectives, law-enforcement, and people in sensitive areas have sought him out for advice and training on how to tell when someone is lying, how to read people’s body language and handwriting, and how to improve their memory. Jaymes also works with universities to deliver seminars which focus mainly on memory development for undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff. He’s even had companies enlist his skills to tell when one of their staff members is stealing from them.

Jaymes White-Seance

Séance Experience:

While each site visit holds dark secrets it’s not uncommon for visitors to witness something eerie. Members of our own team have seen, heard, felt and event smelled more than our share over the years.

“A feather like touch on the leg. A tap on the shoulder. A child’s toy ball falling down stairs out of nowhere. But the one that really stuck with me was at time at the George Brown Mansion when Jaymes requested if there was anyone in the room with us to give us some sort of sign. One of my devices sounded off even after we were instructed to power everything down. That one dinging noise was terrifying and still is to this day. By the way, it had never made a noise prior to that night and never did after either. I couldn’t sleep for days!” said Sonya.

The Isabella Street Séance:

This year’s séance takes the brave through the doors of one of the last remaining Victorian mansions in Toronto’s downtown core. Titled The Jaymes White Isabella Street Séance Experience it holds dark secrets within it’s walls.

We had the chance to chat with Jaymes recently to find out more…

What drew you to this year’s location?

Jaymes: There are so many stories about this haunted mansion on Isabella Street that I could not pass on this opportunity. Also, it is scheduled for demolition in the new year even though it is a heritage site so this is my only opportunity to do a séance here.

Anything that you’ve noticed that is already unusual that we should keep in mind?

Jaymes: There is an area in the house where my staff and I keep having weird experiences. The cabinet door has opened twice on us, a door has slammed on us a few times, and we keep hearing weird shuffle sounds in that area. I don’t really tell the séance audience about it because I am curious if they have an issue with that area as well.

This year’s séance is very special and dear to you. What would you like us to know?

Jaymes: The séance was almost cancelled this year, as my mom was battling cancer for the past 1.5 years. My family and I were told about a month ago that she only had a few weeks. I honestly wanted to cancel the séance. However, my mom kept telling me to do the séance. She did not want me to cancel it, and wanted me to do it. The only reason the séance is happening this year is because of my mom. She is a true warrior and fighter, and I am trying to live up to that. I am trying to make this séance special because it is in her honour.

We noticed there are opportunities to experience the seance at 2 am. That’s super late (or early) what made you decide to add these additional times?

Jaymes: I have always wanted to do a séance during the witching hour, which is from 2 – 4 am. It is believed that the witching hour is the time of day when the most paranormal activity occurs. Who wouldn’t want to go to a séance during witching hour – it sounds like the coolest thing ever to me!

Is it a good idea for us to bring our lucky charms or crosses?

Jaymes: You should bring whatever feels right to you. Do not worry, we will also provide you with some obsidian crystals that are believed to protect you from negativity at the beginning of the séance.

Anything we should know in advance to be prepared?

Jaymes: When you attend one of my séances, the most important thing is to enter the experience with an open mind. The more open you are to the experience, the more you will get out of it. I can guarantee if you come to the séance with an open mind, it will be special.

Each séance has approximately 18 participants. Go alone or go with friends, a date, or even co-workers. It’s not strange to want to go more than once either. No two séance experiences are alike. Must be ages 18+ to attend. Makes a fun “ghouls night out!”

Tickets and more information can be found here at www.jaymeswhite.com

Dying to learn more? Here’s a previous write up I did with Jaymes. Link here. 

Jaymes White-Seance


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