Vivier aims to deliver on the promise of beautiful skin, in just four easy steps. While beauty bloggers of a certain age may prescribe 8-10 steps to secure supple skin, we think that’s a bit overboard. Who has time for that? Not us. Instead, we’re dialling back the routine with only the barest of necessities. According to Vivier, that’s four simple steps. Sign us up.


The four steps are like a breath of fresh air. Prepare, Target, Moisturize and Protect. Seems pretty straightforward, right? But while GOOP princesses may be extolling the virtues of complicated and expensive skincare regimens, we would argue against following anything she does.

Vivier Quintesserum

Between unnecessary over-complicated routines and countless needless products, a streamlined skincare routine is something we can get behind. Vivier has been in the industry for decades. They pledge to combine the highest production standards with rigorous beauty innovations.

Starting with the basics, the first step is to prepare. Clean skin that’s been both washed and toned, is ready to accept the next steps. There’s absolutely no point in slathering on any products if your pores are clogged. You’ll just be adding to the problem.

Instead, adopt Vivier’s stance from the start. Usher in that fresh face with a dose of Ultra Foaming Cleanser ($54). This self-foaming cleanser erases all of your indiscretions. Using Citric Acid and Vitamin C to brighten skin while ensuring skin stays protected and hydrated. Plus, it smells amazing and lathers easily!


Next, target tricky skin issues with Vivier’s potent serums. Using active ingredients is core to the process and Quintiserumâ„¢ ($250) delivers. Using this potent blend of 5 proprietary peptides, a whopping 15% Vitamin C, and Vitamin E promises smoother skin that looks younger and revitalized.

Use this morning and night, or switch it up and try Radiance Serum ($156). Formulated with Arbutin and Resorcinol, this multi-purpose antioxidant-rich serum brightens dark spots and evens skin tones.

Next, go beyond topical and penetrate the surface with a great moisturizer. Derma-V â„¢ ($164) from Vivier combines prebiotics and peptides in one tidy lightweight package.

And finally, protect against pollution, the sun and more with broad-spectrum sunscreen. Maximize your skin’s potential against premature ageing in this one crucial step. Never leave home without sunscreen, and I even put it on for indoor days too. UV rays penetrate your glass windows so you’re better safe than sorry.

vivier sunscreen

For makeup-free days I opt for the Triple Protection Sunscreen SPF 30 ($52) to keep my skin luminous. It’s broad-spectrum to ensure maximum coverage against UVA/UVB rays.

For a flawless look for going out, scope out the Sheer SPF 30 Mineral Tinted ($52) sunscreen. Using Vivier’s ChromaTintâ„¢ technology, this mineral-based sunscreen ensures a crease-free face for stepping out.

I also love Vivier’s staunch stance on being cruelty-free. Learn more on this Canadian company,