If you use social media then you have seen Vessi, makers of Waterproof footwear. A successful online campaign helped build the brand, which, In turn, that led to their first retail store in Burnaby BC. Fast forward to Nov 9, 2023 when they opened their second store, located at Square One in Mississauga. They have taken over the old Geox space and hired Toronto artist Adrian Forrow to design and paint a water-inspired mural. I like that they want to achieve a Toronto flavour and work with locals.

Vessi waterproof jacket
Vessi is adding outerwear and accessories like this lined, waterproof jacket

Make it all waterproof

What started out with a line of sneakers and a Chelsea boot, has now expanded to a larger line of footwear and accessories. They have added a hooded jacket, fleece lined gloves, an all weather beanie. Of course, there is also. acompact little belt bag, all waterproof, of course. I have been told that there are plans to expand the outerwear along with the shoe line in the coming year.

“The magic behind Vessi’s success has been our growing and loyal community that has supported us since we first launched in 2018,” said Mikaella Go, co-founder of Vessi. “We could have never imagined that five years later, our e-commerce waterproof sneaker brand would be opening our second retail location at Square One Shopping Centre, the second largest shopping mall in Canada.”

I already own three pairs of Vessi shoes and never shut up about them.

My personal haul includes the black/white Weekend Chelsea Boots and black/white and white Soho sneakers, all bought online. The Weekend Chelsea was my pick for fave boot for last year’s roundup. I can walk 15+km a day without a blister or any foot pain, obviously making it a great travel shoe.

I was so happy to finally be able to see the shoes in person and try on some different styles. It was also great to be able to see new items like the rain jacket, belt bag and gloves. They cater to the whole family – men, women, kids and everyone in between.

Huge thanks to Vessi who gifted me a pair of their new Alta High Top. It combines the look of a classic high-top sneaker that can function as a winter boot. It’s lined, waterproof and is as light a feather. It’s got a great grippy sole that can handle our slush and snow and will be the perfect boot for scooting. This shoe combines vegan leather with its signature knit fabric for a really polished look. I also grabbed the fleece lined, waterproof gloves with touch fingers. Again, it’s all about staying warm while I scoot in the cold. I have my eye on the waterproof belt bag which is quite roomy, despite its compact size.


Vessi, the Internet sensation, opened their first brick-and-mortar store in Burnaby, B.C. in 2022. If you haven’t seen the IG ads for this line of waterproof footwear, you must be living under a rock. The Square One store features a mural created by Toronto artist Adrian Forrow. Vessi is one of North America’s fastest growing sneaker companies. Founded in 2018, its mission is to us to get outside, rain or shine. Coming from Vancouver, these people know what’s it’s like to live with lots of rain and slush. Until their first brick and mortar store opened last year in BC, Vessi was an online business only. From a Kickstarter, to online retail and eventually a physical store, they’ve built a loyal fan base. The magic behind Vessi’s success has been our growing and loyal community that has supported us since we first launched in 2018,” said Mikaella Go, co-founder of Vessi in the press release. As Auburn Lane’s resident Vessi addict, Carole checked the store out with our newest contributor, @redglasses14 The Toronto Vessie store is now open at Square One #vessi #vessifootwear #vessishoes #vessi #waterproofshoes

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Vessi is now opened at Square One Shopping Centre