Deodorant is something many of us put on every day without much thought. It’s very much part of our personal hygiene regime and some even use it several times a day. Today, we have many options to choose from in this category of personal hygiene from everyday brands we can pick up at our local grocery or drug store to all-natural found at our favourite health and wellness retailers.  I recently put  NO PONG all natural anti-odourant (deodorant) to the test.

NO PONG originated in Australia in 2015. The word “Pong” is an Australian/British term that refers to an extremely strong, unpleasant smell. The  product gained a lot of attention through word of mouth and editorials. So, in 2018, the company decided to not only sell  internationally but also establish a Canadian arm to help handle the additional production.

We started becoming aware of our body’s ability to produce scents in our early teen years. Our hormones kicked in and hair started growing in places they didn’t before. We probably didn’t connect body odors to where hair grew – which we eventually learned was an easy trap for bacteria.

Suddenly we became more self-conscious. Sweating in gym class was accepted (a sign we really worked our asses off) but anywhere else and it just wasn’t socially accepted. Yes, we know it’s our body’s way of naturally helping us cool off but many of us want to keep things under control as much as possible. Deodorants and antiperspirants are designed to mask body odour and clog pores to stop you from sweating but that means it also stops an important body function. (Found a great read here: Why do our armpits smell?)

So there’s that, but I also started becoming more concerned about the ingredients that go into our everyday deodorants. What, and how, are the deodorants and antiperspirants making our bodies stop doing what is natural? I had heard from a few friends that what goes into many drug store brands should raise red flags. Of course, when you look into the ingredient labels of many popular brands they are hardly recognizable. Research is ongoing about whether or not chemicals like aluminum, parabens, triclosan, phthalates, interfere with hormones, or even cause diseases like breast cancer.  While there are many articles out there that point to these concerns including Time Magazine, we’ve also noted that according to the Canadian Cancer Society,  there is currently no evidence that aluminum, for example, that is often used in antiperspirants increase your risk of developing breast cancer. But if you have any concerns about ingredients they also point out to look for products that exclude them. We’ve always felt strongly about asking your own physician about facts and science-based research when you want to make informed decisions.

So, why am I looking at an all-natural deodorant? It’s a personal choice as I’m trying to minimize the number of chemicals I put on my body. But anything I use has got to work. NO PONG came onto my radar lately.

What is it?

In a nutshell, NO PONG is an all day “anti-odourant” made with all natural ingredients. It’s also 100% paraben, aluminum, cruelty and plastic free.

The claims?

Rather than mask the smell, block pores, or by using synthetic anti-microbial chemicals, NO PONG uses all natural ingredients to create a water-resistant environment that smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive. Effective for over 12 hours and has been tested in tropical heat, with fitness buffs, and under stressful situations. Basically, the all-natural ingredients work together, neutralizing ordour rather than blocking pores and obstructing the body from doing what it’s supposed to do.

How do you use it?

The product comes in a convenient tin packaging that you can toss in your workout bag and in your travel bag. It’s like a balm. You only need a pea size of the amount (I used the tip of my nail to dig out) and spread it on to the clean armpit area. Let it settle for a few seconds before putting on clothing. That’s it.

Thoughts and Results?

I’ve been using NO PONG exclusively for two weeks now. During this time (and yes, during Covid19 stay home orders in our city) it snowed and then turned into a multi-day heatwave. Yep. Anyone surprised? Since we’re home more these days, it’s been an ideal time to try out stuff.

I’m pretty self-conscious about perspiring and I think I’m also heading into menopause.  I’ve been constantly feeling warm for over six months now -but I haven’t experienced the extreme hot flashes.

The product was pretty easy to apply. Even though it’s a creamy white colour in the tin, I  was really surprised that it didn’t leave any marks on my clothes – I tend to wear black coloured clothing ALOT  along with summer dresses and sleeveless tops so any deodorant marks are not welcomed. I also tossed on the above swimsuit at home and no marks were left behind. So, when the time comes to hit the pool (or backyard sprinkler party?) or vacation, I know I will go confidently.

I’ve been trying both the original and low fragrance options. The scent is very light and citrusy and not really noticeable. I have sensitive skin and I did not experience any irritation from this product.

Texture doesn’t leave any sticky, greasy or filmy feeling. Throughout the day, I’d sometimes would wonder if I had put any on since I didn’t feel it or see it. Since I smelled nothing, I knew it was working.

Does it keep any body odour under control?I haven’t been conscious of any body odour event throughout the day, but the true test was over this week’s consistently humidity. Nada. I smell nothing and I checked often.

As for perspiration, there were a few days that I was sweating…but because I was consciously taking notes of this product I realizing the rest of my body was perspiring but surprisingly not in the armpit area.

How much is it and where can I get it?

You can buy directly (free shipping in Canada) through . Price is $8.95-$9.95 for each 35 gram tin.

More info on their site.