Packing for a trip, whether for business or pleasure, can be stressful for some. For me, gone are the days of having a “vacation wardrobe” versus home wardrobe. Other than adding a bathing suit and pair of strappy sandals and flip flops for a beachy vacay — not much else changes for me.

But I tend to stick to a certain colour palate so everything is complimentary. Neutrals and solid colours go along way that can mix and match easily. Of course it’s easy enough to jazz up an outfit with accessories. But I’m not one for a lot of accessories. I’m serious about packing as light as possible. And there’s really only one tried-and-true piece that you will ALWAYS find in my travel bag when I jet.

When I discovered Canadian travel wear designer Diane Kroe a few years back, I took the plunge and tried her Origami dress. As it sounds, the dress is versatile. Diane showed me the varying ways to wear this piece and it was mind-boggling. A tunic, a blouse, a sleeveless dress, an off-the-shoulder dress, a full sleeve dress, a cover up…it seemed like there were endless possibilities.

What’s the secret? Diane Kroe has perfected the ultimate and timeless travel collection with all the details in mind — the styles, the fabrics with hidden snaps here and stretch there. But what I also love? The ease in caring for her garments that are no brainers. Her pieces have become a staple in my wardrobe and since they require minimal care, I just toss one in my carry-on just in case my luggage goes missing — and that’s happened before!

In the past few months, Diane Kroe has launched a few new pieces and patterns in her collection. I usually stop by her booth at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto  to see what’s new.  This time, Diane was there and introduced me to her NEWEST version of her very popular EVERMORE TUNIC – that can be worn 8 different ways. I also like that her line is 100% Canadian made.

Since I’m petite and average size, Diane thought I would like this style and knew I didn’t like things too “flowy”  — I’ve learned that at 5 ft 1 inch short – a flowy look on me makes me look like I’m wearing a tent. So, with my personal taste, she helped me decided on a size down this time.  Someone taller make opt for a size up as they could carry a looser fit much better.

Each piece in her collection comes with instructions on how to wear her creations. There are how-to videos for inspiration but don’t be surprised to discover more ways to make it your own. That’s part of the fun!

Diane Kroe’s designs are flattering on many body types. Proof is on her site where you’ll find many of her real-life customers as her “models”. Available for everyone up to size 20. Check out her site at .This particular design will be added to her site soon!

In the winter I took this latest design with me to Grenada where it’s tropical. This new version of the Evermore Tunic will be available  online in a great range of colours and patterns. Here are just a few examples of how I wore this piece…and by the way, don’t think it’s just limited to vacation wardrobes! I’ve worn pieces here at home too!

The original way to wear this dress that kept me covered during the passing rain shower.

Casual walks along the way and stepping into the many beach bars with a more youthful look.

Hot day excursions to historical landmarks and keeping cool.

For when you want a long skirt version!

For the days in the sun, this strapless look was easy and cool. Also perfect as a bathing suit cover up.

The off-the-shoulder look was perfect for evening dinners and night outs.