Jannie Rodrigues is on a mission. As a top trainer at the state-of-the-art gym 10XTO, she’s passionate about helping her clients get stronger. Backed with a degree in kinesiology, Jannie’s expertise in the mechanics of muscles ensures your session will be more than just a workout- she provides the building blocks to make a foundation for your fitness goals- whether it’s for a specific goal like training for a marathon, or conditioning post pregnancy, Jannie has you covered.

Top trainer Jannie Rodrigues at 10XTO

Let’s face it, your body changes as you age. Whether it’s after a life-altering experience like pregnancy, or an accident or injury, your body is always evolving, and to keep it strong, you need to make adjustments in your exercise habits. You can’t just jazzercise your way out of bad posture or a weakened pelvis. Core conditioning and a variety of workouts to push you not only physically, but mentally too, are the best ways to keep your body young.

Top trainer Jannie Rodrigues at 10XTO

As a mother of three young children herself, Jannie lives and breathes this mantra. She’s experienced first-hand the physical challenges after birth, including having twins and births both vaginally and by c-section. She works with many clients carefully outlining how to build back pelvic strength after giving birth, walking them through the small movements that can awaken the pelvic floor and help return the balance to the delicate muscles that wrap around your abdominal muscles that support your core.

10XTO has a plethora of fitness space to challenge you

And while we often think that the birth is traumatic, it’s often the weight of carrying a child for 40 weeks that causes the issues. So how do you build strength there, and avoid the dreaded ‘mommy butt?’ According to Jannie, “Once your pelvis expands during pregnancy your glutes expand too; the fibres haven’t bounced back. Lifting into a bridge, breathing into it, flexing your abs and holding it tight is a great exercise. Alternate leg lifts, and point and flex your foot for that added extra.” Sumo squats with dumbbells, lunges and other glute-heavy workouts can help support the network of muscles that support the pelvic region.

10XTO Reformer Studio

Reformer classes are a huge plus!

While one-on-one sessions are always the best way to learn from a pro, Jannie also teaches a slew of classes at 10XTO, and Jannie can even personalize programs for you to use with the Mywellness app, so you can craft and adapt workouts for whatever mood (and schedule). Recording videos to ensure you’re doing the moves correctly exemplifies how dedicated Jannie is to getting you stronger. It’s all part of the 10XTO experience; the very best people, equipment and space to conquer your fitness goals.

10XTO studio

10XTO boasts a bright and inviting studio space

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All photos by Libby Roach.