Fast casual eats are bountiful in the downtown core, but a new concept has just rolled into town, a first outside their origin province of BC. Tractor Foods is pulling in crowds of shoppers, workers and commuters to their bright space right on Yonge Street by Richmond.

Bourbon Bacon Bowl

Chef Christian Ibacache is a fresh export from Van City, he’s been dispatched to Toronto to open the inaugural Ontario location. That ethos trickles down to the menu too, fresh is best, local is important and healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore, or a bore. The menu reads like a dream, it’s not preachy and controlling, make a substitution here and there, adapt ingredients to your mood and diet without shame or making up some faux-allergy.

Moroccan Chicken Soup

Broken up into breakfast, bowls, soups, big salads, sandwiches, proteins, sides and sweets. It’s like a choose your own adventure of a la carte eats. Order up, eat in or dine out- their takeaway containers are all recyclable and/or biodegradable. It’s this feel good approach that makes everything seem like a no-brainer, save the guilt for your cheat day.

Tomato Fennel

Soups bowls are deep and nourishing. Using summer fresh finds with fresh herbs and spices guarantees a bowl that is way beyond any other grab and go. Toasted bread makes for a perfect crunch.

Wild Coho Salmon Bowl

All the fish proteins are certified Ocean Wise too, it’s part of a chain of responsibility that speaks to Tractor Food’s ethics. They’re not picking and choosing what’s important, it’s all part of the landscape of their business. Moore Kombucha is on tap, as is local wines, beers and ciders. 49th Parallel Coffee is responsible for their coffee program.

Tractor Foods Coffee Menu

Even cookies get upgraded here, with chocolate chip cookies a top seller, and a heftier power cookie acting as a homemade energy bar with nuts and seeds packing a serious portable protein punch.

Tractor Foods- latte art on point w/ a Power Cookie

Grab n’ Go!

With substitutions, seasonal additions and your own creativity, you can nosh here without boredom- a boon for the local office workers looking for a light lunch or quick breakfast. Every day is the mantra here, and with a broad and bountiful menu of rotating healthy options, that’s an easy feat- challenge accepted!

All photos by Libby Roach.