AMAN Spa is transforming what we expect from a Toronto spa. And we’re so ready for it. Maximum results with a therapeutic touch, AMAN Spa aims to deliver an elegant hotel-like spa experience in the heart of the city. The premise is simple; adopt a philosophy that puts touch and rejuvenation at the core of its practice.


aman spa- thom tullo
Thom Tullo- Founder- AMAN Spa

With a background steeped in massage therapy, owner Thom Tullo deftly executes the spa menu with a focus on client care. Flexing an RMT education means you’re in good hands at AMAN Spa. Combining elements from massage therapy and the best skin care practices, Thom carefully crafts a truly transformative spa journey.

Taking a holistically minded approach to each treatment, Thom invites clients on a sensory trip that starts at the door. Designed by Nivek Remas, the archway and olive tree entry lends itself to AMAN Spa‘s origin story. During his travels to the Middle East, Thom was inspired by a song he heard. “Aman is Arabic, it means tranquillity, peace harmony and safety.” Perfect sentiments to marry into this new venture.


Adopting a menu that nurtures the soul and goes beyond the superficial, AMAN Spa offers a safe harbour for those looking for the luxury of a hotel spa, without the price tag. That accessibility factor is important for Thom. He trained at the prestigious Four Seasons Spa in Toronto before becoming an entrepreneur.

Drawing on his experience as an RMT, and his self-professed obsession with skincare and aesthetics, Thom and his team have developed an intuitive list of offerings and a bespoke menu of services. Instead of getting your chakra balanced or sitting alone in a tea room, you’re actually hands-on with a knowledgeable wellness practitioner the entire time.

aman spa- thom tullo
Thom Tullo of AMAN Spa

After all, it’s an experience and a service. Thom’s mantra is to be hands-on as much as humanly possible during each session. While a face mask sets for 15 minutes he’s working double-time, adding a rose quartz scalp massage or performing a facial massage with cryo tools. Hands, shoulders and arms are magically reset, he quickly detects tension and alleviates stress all while your delicate skin is restored.


With five facials on offer, your hardest decision is which one to book. The signature Rose Gold Facial relies on the industry favourite 111Skin’s Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask. This luxe line from London, UK balances science-driven ingredients to deliver dramatic results. It’s guaranteed to brighten and deploy a botox effect, perfect for that big night out or when you have to be camera ready.

aman spa- thom tullo rmt
AMAN Spa Treatment rooms are all named after trees found in the Middle East

Thom carefully explains each step (of which there are many) and summarizes what your at-home routine should look like. He starts everything with a double cleanse, with differing products to maximize the benefits. After, an LED light is placed over your face to promote further brightening and prepare the skin for the next (multiple) steps.

Distilled in each treatment is an approach that you’ll not only leave looking better but feeling better too. Are you ready for your Rose Gold glow-up?

Scope out the full offerings of facials, massages and laser treatments here:

Photos by Libby Roach + Sonya Davidson.

Thank you to the AMAN Spa team for hosting.