Wine is the quintessential summer sipper. From impromptu picnics to finally getting that family reunion in, there’s a wine for that! And it doesn’t need to break the bank either. Approachable wines are widely available at your local retailer, you just need to know what to look for. Here’s a few of our fave finds to quench your thirst this summer season.

Calvet Rosé 🌺 

calvet- rose bag

Calvet is available in a few formats, like this Biggie 1.5L Bag or above (lead image) in a dazzling soon-to-be-a-vase bottle that would make for a stylish hostess gift. But the wine? It is a top-notch rosé from a premium French brand built on a legacy of producing quality wines. Not too sweet, but still fruity and fun, add this one to your cottage playlist! $19.70 from the LCBO.

Meomi Chardonnay 🍷

meiomi chardonnay wine

Meiomi hails from Bear Country, aka California where the rolling twisty hills bring creamy and robust chardonnay whites that offer a lovely balance to that BBQ plate. Chardonnay is best served at 10-12°C, so pop this bottle in the fridge for two hours just prior to serving to let this bouquet fully flourish. $21.95 at your local retailer.

Tom Gore Chardonnay 🌱

tom gore chardonnay

Also hailing from California, Tom Gore is well known for his delectable red wines but should also be celebrated for his chardonnay-blend effort as well. Balanced with a sauvignon blanc finish, this extra dry 2018 white would be perfect in a cellar for a few more years, but just as ready to drink for this summer as well. Priced to move at $17.95.

Grow Wild Wines 🍇

Fun and flirty (just like me after a few glasses), I have been raving about these very easy VQA drinking blends since spring. Perfect for that last minute backyard rendezvous, these wines go with pretty much anything, also, just like me! Enchanting White and Ravishing Rosé are priced to move, $14.95 at your local wine shop.

Groth 🍇

File this heavyweight under special occasion! Groth is a family run winery in beautiful Oakville, California. This beautiful, bold red is very appropriate dance partner to that Waygu Beef prime cut or Tomahawk steak, so get the flames stoked for this one. $121.95 at the LCBO.

All images by Libby Roach. Never, ever drink and drive and always drink responsibly.