Travel seems to have returned to normal. Judging by the number of friends who have been travelling to places like Tokyo, Croatia and Portugal, we can’t help but want to book our next airline tickets outta here. But flying isn’t so comfortable anymore (unless you can splurge for business class) and jet lag is real. Here are our teams’ tried-and-true tips that can help make your next journey a better one.

Adjusting to Time Zones:

On my most recent trip, there was a five-hour time change ahead. Going there was not so much an adjustment at first. The excitement of discovery was enough to keep me awake for the first two days. But I knew from previous experience that I needed to adjust my sleep quickly so I wouldn’t nod off come dinner time. And in Portugal, it seemed that everyone ate later as well. My tip is to don’t overthink it and adjust quickly to the time zone that you’re in. Also, don’t have big plans upon arrival. Just ease in to the new time zone and listen to your body. I brought  KaLaya Active Relaxation Blueberry Gummies (vegan) to help me adjust. ~ Sonya

I have been using this app to help me cut down on my jet lag Time Shifter. If you’re travelling for business, pleasure, or competing in a sports event abroad, this app can help. Using science, it will help you optimize your performance, enjoyment, and health. Jet lag isn’t just a case of feeling sleepy, it’s a disruption of our internal 24-hour circadian clock. Thats what regulates almost every biological system in our bodies. I use the app for about 10 days before an overseas trip to slowly adapt my body to the upcoming timezone. I also try to stay awake until my normal bedtime that first night even if everything in me wants to nap mid afternoon. Carole

In Air Comfort:

I’m not that person who will decline my seat unless I know there’s more room clearance for the person behind me, which is rare as we know. I’ll suffer through discomfort and I have yet to find a neck pillow that is comfortable and doesn’t feel like someone is strangling me. I will however bring a sweater/jacket and roll it up to use as a lumbar support on my lower back.

With lower back pain I also apply the KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief cream that seems to help get me through a flight from this Canadian company. It’s also formulated to be used for arthritis, muscle and joint pain relief. They’ve also introduced a new Extra Strength Pain Relief Foam with Arnica that’s lighter and absorbs quickly.

Stretching also will help prior to a flight and after if you can. A really great stretch can be had at StretchLab in Toronto. Professional “flexologists” help give you a deeper stretch that can’t be achieved on your own. Here’s my write up about this here. ~ Sonya

Favourite Travel Wear:

If you’re needing a light jacket that can pack easily but still look stylish, UNIQLO offers several styles that are well made and in more colours than just our go-to black. The Ultra Light Pufftech Jacket is warm without extra padding.

Comfort is key when travelling on long flights for me. Fabric that is soft on the skin and has some stretch without looking like I live in Boca Raton is what I love the most. It’s no secret that I love Canadian designer Diane Kroes line of high quality and thoughtfully designed travel wear especially now that I pack my life into one carry-on luggage. Her pieces offer a variety of ways to wear them and wash well in hotel sinks. I’ve had many of her timeless pieces over the years and they continue to keep shape, colour. I’ve taken them to Europe, US, as well as the Caribbean. This piece shown below can be worn as a dress (with several options), a skirt, a top, and a beach cover up.

Diane Kroe - Travel

Also, a white sneaker looks good with everything I wear. We’re not talking running shoes. But a great sneaker that is crisp with support that will take you anywhere from exploring to dinner works. Check out ECCO (photo below), GEOX, and I also found some cool designer collaborations like Maison Margiela x Reebox, and Sketchers with Martha Stewart has a more fashion forward “Plateau” sneaker that is perfect if you’re want something neutral for fall. ~ Sonya

I dress in layers because airports can be hot while the plane is usually cold. I only wear soft fabrics, no hard waistbands, and a soft sports bra – lightweight merino wool is perfect for layering. Also, I wear my bulkiest items since I only travel carry-on. That means a boot for a cool destination or a sneaker for warm weather travel, any coat I might be taking and a big scarf that can double as a wrap. Oh and no dresses or jumpsuits for flying, just a soft, knit, wider leg pant.

An N95 for all travel is not non negotiable for me and will be forever. I used to pick something up almost every time I took a long flight and once I started masking, I never get sick. My 3M Vflex mask looks ridiculous but is the most breathable and comfy mask I have tried. I can even sleep in. Advil gel caps, sleep meds and I often drink a cannabis drink right before I go through security.

My go-to travel outfits are always going to have a soft waist band, flowy knit fabrics and lightweight enough to layer. They are a bit pricy, but I love the Spanx AirEssentials wide-leg pants. They come in petite, which is a huge plus and it’s like wearing elegant pj pants. On top, I start with a sleeveless shell or tank. I then layer on with a merino wool lightweight long or 3/4 length sleeve top like this Uniqlo mock neck or this crewneck. If I am landing somewhere that will be chilly, I add a an open front, 3/4 length cardigan- this Joe Fresh number is my current fave. A big scarf to double as a wrap and I am set.

If I am going overseas and am not in a reclinging seat I bring my TRTL neck support so I can sleep sitting up without a sore neck for the first 48 hours after I land at my desitnation. ~ Carole

Motion Sickness:

I’m pretty sensitive to motion and smells on planes can really affect me. I turn to Saje Wellness and use their Peppermint Halo.  It’s amazing for pressure headaches and has a mind cleaning minty fresh scent made of essential oils. I apply it to the nape of my neck and just on the temple areas. ~ Ella

Favourite Snacks:

I no longer snack while flying because I wear an N95 and only lift it for quick sips of water and a quick bite of food if I am really hungry. Eating before I get on the plane, I wait until I am at my destination to have a nice, local breakfast. I bring my own water bottle and fill it up on the other side of security ~ Carole

I learned that bread type of carbs actually help with motion sickness. So, I will actually grab a bagel or a bag of pretzels in the airport shops before boarding. I, too, bring my own water bottle to refill once I get past the security lines and find the water refill station. It’s handy throughout the flight to stay hydrated and not have to worry about turbulence spilling liquids everywhere or having to wait for the flight attendants to come around with the carts. This S’well one is one I use at home and away( Indigo ). Plus it doesn’t look like I grabbed one of my kids’ bottles. ~Sonya

travelling drink bottle

Favourite Beauty:

Nothing like looking exhausted and tired after a long flight especially if you know you have meetings waiting for you on the other side. Eye masks are handy to have on flights that will minimize under-eye bags and dark circles. My favourites include Radford Beauty PATCH that restores moisture and targets visible signs of fatigue. Also, Patchology’s Eye Gel, On Ice, has a great cooling effect right on contact that helps to wake up the eyes and minimize fine lines and puffiness.

I always carry face wipes whenever I travel whether it’s in air, bus or train. My favourite for a few years have been from Korean beauty brand The Face Shop. My go-to is their Rice Water Bright Cleansing Wipes that great for my sensitive skin. It includes hydrating rice water and Vitamin A, B, and E.

Never forget your sunscreen! But as we are travelling light I turn to skincare that can do double (or triple duty). I have several favourites with Dermalogica but for travelling I will always take their Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF50 with me. This broad spectrum face moisturizer helps to improve the skin’s texture and while protecting from UVA and UVB rays. ~ Sonya

I love light scents that will help perk me up during flight. I tend to gravitate to lighter lemony scents that are not overpowering to other travellers. L’Occitane Verbena is my travel companion and conveniently offered in a travel size roll-on. ~Ella

I always travel with Alantoíne Protective Hand Cream by Benamor. I also need a good lip balm – usually I use Elizabeth Arden Eight HourCream Intensive Lip Repair Balm. A soft scrunchie for my hair and I am good to go. ~Carole

Favourite Ways to Chill Out:

On recent flights, we noticed that no-inflight entertainment is offered (but you can often download on airline apps). I always plan for this and download content to enjoy at my own pace. Audiobooks ( is my go-to) are a favourite and I’ve preordered Britney Spears‘ autobiography for my next trip. I also love downloading podcasts or making my own playlists on Spotify. I also have my trusted Kobo eReader (Libra 2) which is lighter, takes up less space and is easier to use while travelling. Great storage space, waterproof (no worries if it gets accidentally dropped in the pool, sea, or bathtub), and comfortable for the eyes. ~Sonya

Kobo Clara 2e - ereader

I always make sure to download enough stuff on to my ipad to get me through a long flight in case there is no on board entertainment. That might mean a movie, a few hours of a tv show, an audio book or a few episodes of a podcast. My ipod is my everything device for flying, storing my music, books, audio books, movies etc. I also love to edit photos on a long flight and usually, on the flight home after a trip, I spend most of it doing that. ~Carole