We’ve been seeing a lot of posts shouting “New  Year, New Me!” We get it. We want to give our professed intentions a good shot. Nothing wrong with that. We also know that it’s beneficial to set ourselves up for success — that is, having what we need to help us on our health and wellness journey whatever it may look like and for however long it will take to reach our ideal goals.

With that goal mentality in mind, it’s time to do a quick inventory of what could use a refresh and why.

SPORTS BRA: We need the support and washing after every wear is ideal  to prevent bacteria growth and to help eliminate door. When should they be replaced? Again, it depends on how often you wear them but a key time to change them is when you feel support is declining in the fabric. For those who work out often it could mean replacing them yearly. We recently discovered a new game-changing Canadian brand VERZUS that incorporates the latest in high performance fabric technology. The Verzus Barely There Sports Bra is lightweight and super comfortable with it’s soft, 4-way stretch fabric. Their eco-friendly PROTX2 anti-odor technology allows for more wearing and less washing. Also, amazing is their DRYTX quick-drying and moisture wicking technology to keep you cool and looking cooler. Same goes for leggings and exercise shorts. With all the constant washing and wearing the fabric can start to smell not so fresh and lose its support. The Verzus Epic High Waisted Leggings has the same PROTX2 and DRYTX fabric technology embedded in the fabric while keep you supported and looking sculpted. Also super comfortable! Comes in full length and cropped.

Verzus - fitness wear - technical fabric

YOGA MAT: Most mats kept for a couple of years depending on how often you use, clean and store it. It also depends on what style of yoga you do. Hot Yoga? You might want to replace it even every 4 to 6 months as bacteria and mold spores can be an issue if not cleaned immediately after every practice. If you attend classes in a studio or elsewhere always be sure to clean off as well. If you notice any signs of wear and tear it’s also time to replace your mat.

While there are different thickness and materials used, this Half Moon Deluxe Yoga Mat offers a generous cushion at 6 mm. Latex free, non-toxic and easy to clean. This company is also based just outside of Vancouver, BC. Yoga Mat

B Yoga The Cleanser Spray  is one we love. You can pop it into your studio bag and the scent options are lovely. Comes in Orange Spearmint and Lavender.yoga mat - cleanserSHOES: If you’re an avid runner, you probably already know to ideally replace your shoes every 500 to 750 km of distance you do. But for the rest of us? Some key signs that it’s time to replace your runners include wear and tear – if stitching starts to come apart. Aches and pains on your heels or anywhere else. Since it’s winter and we still want to get in our steps without having cold and soaking feet, check out Cougar Shoes Winter Sneakers in Steez Nylon Waterproof Sneaker with PrimaLoft. They’re comfortable and will keep your feet dry and warm. They have an anti-slip Thermo plastic outsole so you can feel more sure footed in your steps. Various colour ways available.winter -cougar shoes

WATER BOTTLE: We often overlook our water bottles but we really shouldn’t. Yes, it’s better for the environment to have a reusable bottle instead of single use bottles. The material used plays a factor in when it’s time to replace reusable water bottles. Plastic made should be replaced every year and stainless steel bottles every couple of years. Also consider, the part that touches your mouth as well as additional ridges in the design when selecting a water-bottle.  The YETI Yonder is a great option for a lightweight and durable BPA-free water bottle. It’s shatter-resistant and has a leakproof cap so you can toss it into your gymbag without fear of leaking. It also has a bottom twist off to refill and wash. If you’re in search of a new reusable plastic one make sure it’s BPA-free. Also, get into the routine of washing and drying after every use as bacteria can quickly grow in stagnant water and get caught in regular wear and tear. Not quite ready to replace? If you notice your bottle smelling a little funky try a natural sanitization by cleaning with white distilled vinegar.

Water Bottle - YetiGYM BAG: depending on the fabric of your bag, how you care for it, and how you clean it all matters. Find yourself tossing the bag on the locker room floor. Ew. Stinky used workout wear and towels gets tossed in means germs have a party festering. Washing your gym bag regularly is important. We use the sanitary wash cycle and ensure the bag is completely dry before we hit the gym again. If you are strapped for time and can’t get to washing, there are options to wipe down or use anti-bacterial sprays (see below). Lot’s of cool options out there but  consider features that will serve you best. Compartments and pockets to hold necessities are bonuses! We love the Lululemon City Adventure Duffle Bag that has ample room for workout wear and additional interior and exterior pockets to keep our essentials safely stowed. An expandable pocket is handy to keep sweaty gear away from other stuff.gym bag - LululemonYou can purchase anti-bacterial all-natural cleansing and deodorizing sprays – lots of options out there (the B Yoga Mat spray works too). You can also make your own with essential oils. Tea Tree Oil (We use Thursday Plantation) is amazing for its anti-bacterial and healing properties but you may want to play around with the amount you include as the scent may be strong.

  • 1 oz distilled water
  • 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • 10 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil or Lavender Oil works too!

Combine the above into a spray bottle. That’s it. Spray when needed and wipe down. Then allow to completely dry before using.

Need an app to help get you on the right foot? Check out our story on MyFitnessPal and their latest collaboration with Ayesha Curry!


*Lead in photo credit Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash