When we pack for travel we always make sure we’ve packed the right clothes, the right shoes, the meds, and toiletries for wherever we go. But recently I was asked for recommendations on what I thought were great for travellers. It was a great question that I easily answered. That person loved it and asked if I could write a post. So, here are my top 5 apps I have on my iPhone that I think you might also be interested in having for your travels near or far!

APPLE MAPS: This has come in handy not just for city streets for finding the nearest Starbucks, but also inside major airport terminals. When I’ve been travelling through and wanting something to eat or planning my shopping this has come in super handy. With the option to “Look Inside”, I recently found Susur Lee’s Kitchen inside Toronto’s Pearson International Airport that served dim sum. Handy to see where the restaurant was located in relation to my gate. On my most recent trip, it also helped me discover where Lolë and hey, a new Dylan’s Candy Shop in the Terminal! Making it even easier to use is the option for spoken directions and interactive 3D views to get you where you want to be.

AUDIBLE.CA: Sometimes you just want to give your eyes a break on a long flight. I’ve been downloading audio books for my travels. Podcasts and audiobooks are gaining popularity over the past few years and worth a listen. I’ve found some interesting stories exclusive to this app to keep your mind going. WestCork is a true crime-thriller that I couldn’t put down (currently free to download until May 8th)! You can sample stories first before committing to a full download. If you decide you don’t really enjoy the book you can exchange it for another. There are also titles in several languages as well as for all ages — check out A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, a children’s audiobook that imagines the story that follows a day in the life of BOTUS (Bunny of the United States) that has a message of tolerance, marriage equality and democracy. It’s also exclusive to Audible. Story is told by Jim Parsons with special guests Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jeff Garlin, Ellie Kemper, John Lithgow, Jack McBrayer and RuPaul.

NIKE TRAINING CLUB: I had a few friends recommend this app for me. I admit at first I thought it was for hardcore fitness freaks but turns out it’s for all exercise levels and styles. I’ve used it at home during the winter months when I was not wanting venture outside but now I’ve taken it on the road with me during my travels. The app has a wide variety of workouts from yoga stretches, muscle and strength training, endurance, running and more. There are over 160 free workouts to take with you anywhere you go. I’m shy to hit the gym at hotels but I can still do what I need to — where and when I choose to. Pairing my activities to my Apple Watch gives me additional incentive to keep active as I’m in a bit of a competition with my friends.

NETFLIX: How many times have you boarded an airplane anticipating to catch a great movie or tv show, then only to discover there is no screen or the system is broken? Sigh. Or get to your destination and you really just want some downtime and watch a show all you can find is news channels. Ever since Netflix has given us options to download shows/movies onto our devices we’ve been thrilled because you don’t even need to depend on having wifi anymore. Nope. As long as you have an existing membership you can  download say, the entire season of Ugly Delicious on your device and not have to worry about shoddy internet connections anywhere in the world.

TRANSIT: If you rely on public transit for some, if not all, of your travel to a big city this app will help get you from A to B. You see when vehicles will arrive at your stops at real time but you can also plan ahead and map out your route before you go. You can also set reminders of when is the best time to leave to hop on the bus or train. Simply add your destination and the app will give you possible options to see what’s best for you. I also noticed that while I’m planning a trip to Vancouver soon, it gives me options to compare how long it would take to walk, uber, or bike as well. Available in over 125 cities worldwide.