We are now into the hot summer months and spending more time outdoors enjoying the patio parties, family BBQs, picnics and food festivals. We’re spending time at the cottage and the waterways and trying to stay hydrated. Sure we’re reaching out for the fresh local produce but we’re also enjoying the chips… and the dips! Soooo, how do we keep our intake of food on track during the summer months?

We checked in with Sue Galluzzo a Toronto-based nutrition expert and owner of two studios that caters to both women and men. Her straight forward approach helps her clients achieve their healthy lifestyle goals using results-oriented tools.So, what’s your first rule to summer eating?


SG: My motto is don’t eat cookies alone. If you’re enjoying the weekends you need to draw the line on the weekdays. There’s really no need to indulge while doing your regular weekday routine. Those extra calories can add up when you combine it with the weekends. It’s really easy to get carried away with the weekends and having them drag into the weekdays. But with barbecue season and the late nights of eating and drinking. Monday to Friday’s are clean!

What are some of the best foods we should be reaching for right now?

SG: Anything seasonal! We are so lucky to have local farmers and farmers markets. We need to get out and buy our produce fresh and enjoy it. Make amazing salads and fruit platters to bring to peoples BBQs and get-togethers. It will keep you away from the chips and dips. Berries and apples are in season!

What are your  Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to summertime and healthy eating?

SG: Do’s if your indulging in alcohol stay away from desserts. The extra sugar in drinks and desserts can add up to extra pounds. If you’re invited to a bbq keep the other meals clean. As in breakfast and lunches if you’re going for dinner. Drink lots of water before during and after. Start with salads fill up on your greens.

What about cocktails? Are there healthier options?

SG: My go-to is clear drinks. Gin and tonic, vodka soda. Use lots of lemons and limes as garnish

What about Keto diets? Does that change over the summer months at all?

SG: Keto or any diet can be difficult in the summertime. Drinking will throw off any diet, it’s important to keep goals achievable.
If maintenance is your goal then enjoy one meal 2x per week that’s a slight cheat. Other than that keep the rest of the meals clean.

We heard Gillian Michaels recently slammed Keto. What do you think?

SG: I think keto is ok for a short period of time. As a vehicle to get someone to a healthier state of mind. I agree with Gillian it’s a bit extreme to consume a diet high in fats and low in the other macronutrients. We should focus on getting exercise in and eating a diet that’s clean 80% of the time. Don’t overeat and don’t starve.

Got a favourite summer side dish recipe?

SG: Grilled veggies lots of colours. Peppers, zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes, fennel. Spray with a little olive oil top off with lemon. All salads get creative and throw fruit in them. Satisfies both sweet and savory tastebuds. Vegetables should be the main event of all meals and that’s how I teach all my members.

Thanks so much for these amazing summer eating tips! Interested in reaching out to Sue? Visit her site www.suzangalluzzo.com