So, it took a local goat farm to knock me off my feet this week. They had posted a “NO”vember post that gave me that kick in the pants to do something this month. They suggested to take a look at your life and choose something to say “NO” to. Even if it’s something small. They wrote…

Stop doing something that has a negative effect on your life or the world around you.

Truth be told, there’s been something that’s been irking me over the past few years.

I began to apply what I learned all my life. That is, to look inward to try and find out what I had done to deserve this feeling. I adjusted my thinking. Shamed myself for my thoughts. Whole heartedly I know that what I was feeling was probably not even recognized by the person who was making me feel less than adequate.

I was reminded through an article last week about how I should considered how the other person may be going through some challenges and that I should cut them some slack. Not take things personally.

So, I’ve been trying again to focus and soften my thoughts. Asking and listening.

Lifting others is not hard for me. I truly see the good in others without hesitation. Even if others don’t have the same perspective. I don’t believe I’m a pusher of what I think are great things– of course, I recognize that this is my perspective. I respect others for their opinions and very interested in learning how each person comes to their conclusion. There is no right or wrong in what someone feels even if it’s different from yours.

My closest friends know this of me but then I started questioning myself if that was a good thing or not. I also have come to realize that not everyone respects others people’s opinions when it doesn’t gel with their own. Often it’s that person that always has to have the last word. I have a three-round rule…or a no response rule. I know these people all too well.

But ever time I felt hurt by someone, more importantly, someone close to me, I held back and reflected. What did I do? What could I have done differently? What could I have done better? (another learning from my upbringing)

Another friend had reposted this…So, “people/places/things that steal your joy” that may be my first “NO”vember decision. It may just be a temporary break that is much needed right now.

How about you? Anything you’ve been wanting to make a move on?