It can be hard to keep track of all the latest beauty trends, so we tapped a Top Toronto Plastic Surgeon about what’s hot this year for aesthetic procedures. Maybe it’s the duckface look or the evolution and revisions of the Kardashian crew, but it’s easy to see how you can take things a little too far.

That’s why building trust with a team of experts can pay off. We spoke to Dr Mike Brandt, of Form Face and Body about the future of facial procedures.

Dr Mike Brandt is a new member of the Form Face and Body Team

Is there a better time of year to consider enhancements?

Seasonally there are always cycles for aesthetic procedures. Typically during the winter season is a good time to consider laser resurfacing skin treatment, because it’s time away from the sun. You need to ensure you give your skin time to recover from any sun exposure that it’s had, and then get summer ready with a nice time to recover.

Bigger procedures are on trend these days as well. People are moving away from the non-surgical realm – like a ton of Botox and fillers and such and instead employing more surgical permanent corrections like facelifts and neck lifts. People are more knowledgeable about these procedures and are looking at them more like a long-term investment for corrective procedures. Better done in the winter season when you can take some downtime.

What’s the latest trend you’re seeing at your practice…

As far as newer things in vogue the one I’m super excited about is non-surgical rhinoplasty. So, using fillers, in lieu of surgery for the nose, if you’re the right candidate for it we can do minor tweaks with fillers like turning up the nose or hiding a bump on the nose. You can get by without having to have surgery which is interesting to do. There are risks of course, but it all comes down to being the right candidate.

Maintenance, like Botox and fillers, is always on trend. With less of a focus on being overdone, and more on correction and prevention these days. This fits my aesthetic, I’m never one that likes the look of being overdone, frozen or massive lips and such, more full circle and people are going for a more natural aesthetic.

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Dr Mike Brandt, Form Face and Body Team

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Talk to us about the future of facial procedures…

Technology-based treatments are also coming out. I do not recommend brand-new treatments out of the gate, I want to field test and see how things look long-term before we recommend those. Exciting things are happening with radio frequency treatments and deeper tightening procedures.

The ideal candidate for those is someone who would never get a facelift. There’s a big group of people who are on board with that. The concern with facelifts is that you end up with a scar, and it can make subsequent treatments challenging so you have to balance long-term goals from an aesthetic perspective.

It’s nice at Form Face and Body that we have the full toolbox. We have skincare, and injectables, and then down the road, if they want to consider surgery, we can offer that full spectrum, from the consultation to ensure we are not pigeonholing people into things they really don’t need.


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The best time to get a facelift is…

What is the recovery like for a facelift?

The big trend these days for facelifting is a preservation-type facelift. A less undermining of the skin and more of a deeper lift, less trapping of blood and fluid which prolongs the recovery. So this speeds up the recovery and improves the quality of the skin post-surgery. The biggest hurdle is the first week after surgery, you’re swollen, stitches and everything else, then things rapidly improve.

By about a month you’re looking quite good, you’re able to wear makeup, you’re a little swollen and tender but you can go out and certainly not be spotted as a recent facelift. As you go from there it gets better and better and after a year the scars and healing are complete.

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Ageing on your own terms

The younger you are the better you heal…there’s a tradeoff in terms of when it’s the right time.

There is a balance that has to happen there. I’m not big on recommending facelifts on younger people unless there’s a genetic predisposition to a lot of problems not a lot of collagen or elastin, to begin with, their skin is sagging already, so we consider a lift. But we also discuss the future, as if you’re getting a facelift in your 40’s then you may need another in you’re 60’s.

Most patients I’m treating are a little bit more truly just correcting- sagging jowls or the neck. The pleating, especially on the neckline.

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