Good things grow in Ontario, and Vision Greens is making this pledge future-proof. With a state-of-the-art vertical farm in Welland cranking out leafy goods, the summer salad season will never be the same! Their vision is to provide hungry Ontarians with their daily 5-10 and this new start-up is practising what they’re preaching by getting budget-friendly food into our hearts and shopping carts.


vision greens-salad

Debuting their line of fresh finds, the Vision Greens team partnered with Chef Eron Novalski of Noce Restaurant. Consistency is key to producing excellent results, that’s every chef’s secret. To support their menu attaching a vertical farm like Vision Greens is a no-brainer.

“Authentic Italian cuisine is rooted in simplicity and the finest, freshest,
local ingredients.”

Chef Eron Novalski, Noce and Aria Restaurants

Using technology to grow plants is nothing new. Look at the expansive marketplace that is cannabis. But with dispensaries dotting every avenue in town, it’s high time we start growing stuff that matters. Thoughtful and practical solutions to feeding cash-strapped Ontarians at such a pivotal time is the exact change we need. Vision Greens supports this non-GMO and pesticide-free pledge through the value-based price point.

vision greens cocktail


The lineup is concise and picked and delivered to the grocery shop the same day it is harvested. This ethos, of fresh first results in less waste. That distinct crispy/crunchy combo of flavourful and vibrant greens is at the forefront of how Vision Greens grows food. Employing a patent-pending technology from the University of Guelph’s Research Facility, in partnership with NASA, researches how to grow food in space. The super tricked out farm is a display of tech-for-good.

The first go-to-market offering includes:

Crunchy Green Leaf Lettuce 🥬 Fancy Premium Lettuce Mix 🥬 Crispy Baby Romaine Lettuce 🥬 Crunchy Red Leaf Lettuce 🥬 Zesty Arugula 🥬 Living Genovese Basil

Source these tender greens at your local Metro, Pusateri’s, Highland Farms,
Goodness Me, Summerhill Market, and Mama Earth Organics. Priced between $3.99 and

vision greens noce dessert

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All images by Libby Roach.