Is there anything more quintessentially summer than having a picnic? Toronto is home to a whopping 1500 parks, proving our fair city is more than just an urban jungle. From Lake Ontario to our northern boundary with Steeles Avenue, come explore Toronto’s best parks, perfect for summer picnics and affordable fun all summer long.


picnic scout seafood snacks-2
Scout Canning‘s Seafood Snacks are the perfect park partner, stash a few for a simple yet sophisticated picnic

Eastenders have long proclaimed Riverdale Park as the best view of the city. This park boasts baseball diamonds, a swimming pool, a great running track and tons of shade to rest and relax. Spanning both sides of the DVP, this mega-park is also home to the city’s only working farm where you can visit some animals and enjoy farm life. Then perch yourself at the top of the hill on the east side and enjoy one of the best sunset views in the six. This park has been selected as a pilot park for allowing for legal alcohol consumption from August 2-October 9th.

Photo Courtesy Xiangdong Li c/o Google Maps

You can’t get much further south in the city than the Toronto Islands. If you grew up in Toronto, your nostalgia for Centreville may cloud your current perceptions, but the Islands are still home to the city’s best beaches. Bring your bike or your blades and explore this car-free paradise that showcases the skyline from the shore. There are a few restaurants and cafes, but we suggest preserving every minute for disc golf and canoeing.

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Radial Summer Blend from Pilot Coffee Roasters CB+T brings tonic together with cold brew for a refreshing booze-free beverage


canoe landing park, terry fox, toronto
Canoe Landing Park is designed by Douglas Coupland

Toronto’s vast waterfront is of course a wonderful space to enjoy. From Sugar Beach to the nearby Toronto Music Garden, there is a little something for everyone in this stretch of the city. Explore the intricate workings of the Martin Goodman Trail, and get inspired by Canadian greatness in Canoe Landing Park. We suggest stopping at a few parks since they’re in such close proximity and packing a light stash of snacks to keep things moving.

picnic enjoy life lentil chips-2
Carbs are crucial for an optimal picnic- we love spicing things up with Sachili chilli-infused toppings + Truffle Kings ready-to-use Truffle Dust on everything savoury

Earl Bales may be more of a winter destination to some, but the vista views of North York’s biggest park can be just as good in the summer months. This dog-friendly destination boasts an off-leash park as well as countless trails and hikes that meander around Bathurst and Avenue Roads. A pond feature anchors the Don Valley golf course and offers that lake-side feel, even though you’re uptown. This is one park you may actually get lost in.

picnic made good
Keep it simple with fresh fruit and MadeGood snack sacks

Picnic-friendly Trinity Bellwoods is a must- especially if you’re bringing visitors to Toronto. Flanked by Dundas and Queen Street West, this massive park is where to people watch- there’s never a dull moment in this part of town. For sportier types, there’s tennis and always a game of catch or frisbee happening. Bring an oversized blanket, napping and making friends happen on the fly at this institution. This park has been selected as a pilot park for allowing for legal alcohol consumption from August 2-October 9th.

Did we miss your favourite Toronto Park? Drop your park pick below and let us know what we missed.