It’s feeling like Groundhog Day around here (for those who don’t know the reference search up Bill Murray) and we normally we poo-poo Valentine’s Day for all it’s hype BUT this year we are ready to be spoiled a bit..or a lot. Send flowers or noods, make the cards, make dinner, clean up, bring the little blue box, or the big orange one! Send the frilly along with the candles. We’re going all out this Valentine’s Day for our loves as well as fun surprise ideas for friends! Just so we don’t get stuck at the last minute, here are some ideas that will sure warm up these wintery days and nights that you may want to jump on now.

We really don’t want a candle that Gwyneth claims smells like her va-jay-jay but we do love creating our own scents at our favourite luxurious candle lab, KANDL ARTISTIQUE. Located in Yorkville, you can book a time to go in and make your signature candle scent with luxurious high quality ingredients and fragrances. You’ll be expertly guided through the steps in customizing your own in a beautiful and modern setting. They’ll even keep a record of what scents you’ve created for easy future ordering. And yes, you can even name your own candle – whatever you want, so be creative. Fun idea for date night or even with friends.

kandl artistique

Wearing something pretty (maybe a bit more daring) under your athleisure is empowering and reminds us to love ourselves first. We adore Canadian designer Mary Young and her line for making us feel our best. Take her online quiz to see what beautiful little things suits your mood. 

Roses and other fresh cut flowers are go-to’s for Valentine’s and if you’re planning to grab some then definitely put your orders in with your favourite location florist. BUT if you want to take it next level, check out Prairies & Petals for their arrangements that will last more than a week. How about  up to a year? Yes, with their unique preservation process, their roses will look fresh for way longer than any other rose. Artfully arranged Ecuadorian-sourced roses are presented in a stunning variety of luxurious boxes make a lasting bold statement. Shop online or visit their shop at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto.

Planning to escape our everyday and heading to the airport? Lucky you! Start your journey with a gift of lounging away from the riff-raff and gift your valentine access to All Plaza Premium Lounges at Canadian airports. From February 11th to 18th   enjoy special entry rates to loungers across Canada: $60 for 2 Guests for 2 hours (vs regular rate of $50 per individual access). In addition, start your trip off right with bar specials including a two for one offer on premium pours. Entry offer details here:  All Plaza Premium Lounges in Canada. Bar Specials, also available at select lounges nationwide.

This Salumi & Formaggi Bouquet from EATALY features artisanal Italian cured meats, cheeses, and antipasti arranged into a stunning presentation that brings a totally different wow factor to the day of love!

Nothing says “Love” like the softest sweater. This long cashmere duster by Kerri Rosenthal will be an instant favourite as you’re reminded that you are loved always. Wear it out or stay cozy in. It’s modern cut will be a go-to for sure!

We all know that scents can enhance the mood. If you want to step up your pleasure game with a more natural product, check out Province Apothecary’s Sex Oil. This super luxurious light and moisturizing oil is made with certified- organic plant based ingredients that’s safe to use all over your body. The Toronto-based company also has a Lover’s Oil made with 10 of the most sensual essential oils that’s perfect for your anytime of the day massages. A fan favourite of goop’s as well.

Luxury comes to mind in this new collaboration between Agent Provocateur and Lovehoney. Crafted beautifully, each adult toy in the line up is created for the most discretionary users. Whisper quiet vibrations and waterproof so you can take it anywhere. Each toy in the collection also comes with its own faux leather storage case, embossed with Agent Provocateur signature logo and has a unique travel lock feature for added security. We chose this discreet one called the “Jitterbug” (shown below) but if you’re looking for a couple’s (his and hers) style of toy check out the Agent Provocateur x Lovehoney Two-Step Vibrating Silicone Ring.

If you and your partner are a little shy about discussing what you love when it comes to love making, consider putting your thoughts into your very own Sex Journal, we spotted this one by Magic for Us on goop’s website here . We love this idea as it’s not only way to communicate discreetly but will no doubt will become a keeper for years to come.

If you’re into podcasts and erotica, then you’ll want to listen in to Shana Feste’s scripted 8-episode series DIRTY DIANA produced by QCode podcast (available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast platforms). As an escape from her carefully curated life and dying marriage, Diana (Demi Moore) secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their intimate sexual fantasies. The series opens up a world of pleasure beyond the normal comfort zones from a female perspective. But men have been tuning in as well to learn more about what women really want…and love. Other voices in the series include Melanie Griffith, Lena Dunham, Rhys Wakefield, and others.

Oh, but we are not done yet darlings! We have a few more month-of-love articles coming up that will surely satisfy all your lusty cravings. Stay tuned!




*lead in photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash