Sometimes there are gift ideas that are beyond our comprehension. *Rubs eyes* Okay, but secretly we just like hearing about them. If money was no object, would you? Hey, to each their own! You earn your dollars so spend where you see fit, that’s always been our motto! Just don’t forget about us, k?

Here are some mind-blowing, over-the-top gift ideas that we’ve come across this season…

Taschen Ferrari Book by Pino Allievi: $8,379.24 Can. Neiman Marcus.

For the ultimate Ferrari luxury car fan this massive collection of photographs from the Ferrari Archives and from private collectors edited by Pino Allievi reveals the company’s history, present and future. All enclosed in an aluminum case (in Ferrari Red, of course) designed by Marc Newson.

Steiff  x Karl Lagerfeld  “CHOUPETTE” Stuffed Toy Cat: $761.11 Canadian. Neiman Marcus

The famous designer’s catfluencer has been featured in some of the world’s most influential fashion and lifestyle magazines, has appeared in numerous ads and has a strong following on social media. We could only dream of living her life. We live vicariously. Yes, we know she’s a cat but pretty sure she eats better than the rest of us.


Sterling Silver Tin Can: $1,350 Canadian Tiffany Everyday Objects

When the iconic brand launched their Everyday Objects line, several items sold out quickly. Hello paper cups (only they weren’t paper cups at $135 CDN for two). A playful take on items found around the home were upgraded by Tiffany artisans also including items like paper clips. OMG. Can you you imagine using one and poof….it’s gone with your kid’s last project? Oh, and keep them away from recycling day!

Off-White x Rimowa Transparent Luggage: $1,500 US

We crush hard on Virgil Abloh’s Off-White line and this collaboration caught our attention. Rimowa is a brand we’re also huge fans because of its style, function and durability. Maybe this transparent luggage that’s made of 100% Polycarbonate will help minimize time waiting in the airport line ups? Who are we kidding… with this kind of luggage you probably already breeze through. 

Alexandra Llewellyn Nudes Rosewood Backgammon Set: $6,475 Canadian. Lane Crawford.

Hand crafted in the UK this set is so extra it’s beyond. Features aluminum weighted game pieces.

Disney Mickey Magic Moment midnight Veil Headband designed by Gigi Burris Millinery. $628.44 Canadian. Nordstrom

Dark crystal and midnight mesh pays tribute to the most iconic mouse in the world. It happens to be his 90th birthday too! Great gift and collectible for those who love their Mickey ears. We know you’re out there! Happy Birthday Mickey!

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra: Price available upon request

Each year at the predictable Victoria’s Secret “Fashion Show” a new Fantasy Bra is unveiled. This year’s version includes 2,100 Atelier Swarovski Created Diamonds (their words). The Diamonds alone are worth $1M. Apparently this is what the angels wear. Serious inquiries can call 1-800-695-9478. However, there’s an inspired version available starting November 29th and it looks a wee bit more comfortable.

AHLOT’s Ritual Box $160, taxes included.
For the conscious cannabis consumer, a treasure trove of tools and and gear to keep your stash safe and fresh. AHLOT is offering this Ritual Box through OCS, so double down and fill those empty jars while you’re at it.

*Prices were checked at time of publishing and subject to change. Please check on pricing directly with retailer.