The One Eighty has closed- AP Restaurants has taken its place.

Crafting a pizza pie that is literally, quite actually as good as it looks is no small feat. Pair that with the added altitude of running a pizza oven on the 51st floor, and well, colour us surprised.

The one eighty

DIY Slice

Views, we knew, were some of the finest in the city, with a wrap-around view facing south affording a voyeuristic sightline of the city.  The One Eighty, owned by catering hero Eatertainment brings together the holy trifecta of dining: stunning views, amazing eats and chuggable libations.

The one eighty

Salads and greens are gorgeous too, the Caesar is the real deal, with hunks of bacon. The kale salad is necessary roughness- dotted with pickled grapes. Sizeable for a meal, or shareable if you’re inclined, salads are known to lead to the next thing, and in this case, it was bringing on the tacos! I’m always weary of a restaurant that does everything: Italian, check. Mexican, yup. But in this case, you gotta just let yourself go- not every meal is to be inspected and scrutinized.

The one eighty- tacos

Tacos, cause, tacos.

While it’s not the service that will keep you coming back, a Yorkville restaurant with soaring views and a huge bar ain’t a bad bet. I’d consider this place for cocktails with the ladies or brunch with the grandparents. And nothing in between.

All images by Libby Roach.