A month doesn’t go by without a new “experience” popping up in a city near you. They often give fans a chance to be apart of and relive some of their favourite moments or memories of a beloved show.

I am undeniably an obsessed fan of the show The Office who doesn’t go a day without quoting something from the show. Therefore, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be disappointed when this experience came to Toronto. Luckily, even lesser die hard fans will appreciate the level of detail the folks behind The Office Experience have put into this event.

The Office Experience Logo Original X Productions

Having successful runs in Washington and Chicago, the show is finally in Toronto.

This experience takes you into the Dunder Mifflin business park and through the lives of your beloved favourites characters.

The Office Experience Logo Entrance to the Bullpen Original X Productions

Without spoiling all the fun surprises be prepared to explore. There is the bullpen, the lunchroom, the annex and many more fully immersive areas. Real props from the show are scattered throughout. With Easter eggs in every drawer, you will chuckle your way through each area. By all means, answer that incoming call from one of the desks!

The Office Experience Michael Scott's Office Original X Productions

If the discovery of little details doesn’t have you reciting full lines of script then the interactive displays will. You will undoubtably be pulling out your DVD boxset and reliving the show. Help Stanley finish his crossword, participate in some Office Olympics as well as busting a move in the Café Disco. There are also several spots and photo ops you can enjoy for an additional cost.

The Office Experience Michael Scott's Office Original X Productions

Like all good amusements, of course this one spits you out in the Warehouse “gift shop.” Don’t forget to grab a “Nard Dog” sweatshirt, a prison Mike stuffy or any of the many hilarious products they have available.

The Office Experience is running from March 3rd to June 4th at the Yorkdale Mall. For more information and where you can get tickets check out their site here.