If you’re worried about your gut health then you’re not alone. Whether you suffer from gastro issues or not, the important bond between your brain and gut microbiome is indisputably integral to your overall health.

Supplements have always been a gateway to quick and easy health solutions. But we all know quick and easy doesn’t cut it for making real, tangible change. This goes beyond adopting restrictive diets. We’re talking about disrupting the routine and instilling new habits to support your overall health.

Get to the bottom of your gut health

You know your body best. And you know when things aren’t feeling quite right. Bloated, cramping or worse, stomach issues take a huge toll on your day-to-day. Is it the antibiotics you just finished? Stress? Or maybe it’s a gastro-related illness. Your first stop is diagnostics. Your primary health practitioner should always be consulted before adding any supplements to your diet.

Another avenue to explore is talking with a Naturopathic doctor. I spoke with Dr Bianca Drennan about my tummy troubles, which were quite nominal at the time. It was over two years ago, and this one-off appointment would change how I ate forever.

Analyzing a small amount of blood (you don’t even need a needle to “milk” out the sample) reveals a multitude of information. My diet was dodgy, this I knew. Hundreds of restaurant reviews have resulted in an iron stomach. But with my muffin top in tow, I was ready to embark on a new me.

Everyone is talking about the Livy Method- Read up on Livy Method

My blood didn’t lie. The test detailed what I ate most. Dairy. Ginger. Chick Peas. Flaxseed. Ugh. I didn’t even know I ate flaxseed, since I barely eat bread. Turns out, flaxseed is the number one ingredient in my protein powder. And the first thing I should never eat.

It’s these little hidden mysteries that can really add up. These are not food allergies. These are food intolerances. You may be able to tolerate and eat the foods, but your body likely is paying the price. By simply limiting these ‘red foods’ I was able to drop 15lbs in three months. Not my intention but the muffin top is no more!

Dr Drennan also suggests documenting your food diary (ugh) for her to analyze. She gently nudges me to explore more plants, more fruits, and less processed everything. She even shares recipes to inspire. Lifechanging!

More Ways to Support Your Overall Gut Health

balance sense naturals

Sense Naturals is a new product from Canadian entrepreneurs based in Alberta. Claiming to reduce your overall inflammation and vanquish gastrointestinal issues frankly sounds too good to be true. But backed by Ayurveda practices, there’s science in this earthy brew. At a media event, I was intrigued by the evangelical pitch from the founders, who rely on a secret recipe from Ayurvedic doctors in Kerala, India. Formulated with proven ingredients like turmeric, cocoa powder and fennel, plus seven other ingredients, this comfort mug feels like a hug.

Twice a day, mix hot water, lemon and honey with the Balance blend. Fans of the formula report dramatic improvements with IBS-type issues. Other notable gains include a more restful night’s sleep and clearer skin. What have you got to lose?


We’re trying out thirty days of Balance Blend by Sense Naturals. An Ayurvedic formula that helps reduce inflammation and support gut health- yes it tastes good! 🍯 #sensenaturals #digestivehealth #ayuverdafood #guthealing #auburnlane

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Step into supplements- Take them gradually

Nature’s Sunshine is a brand devoted to the research and development of vitamins and supplements for over 50 years. That sort of legacy is important. Trusting your gut (literally) with a company with this sort of quality track record instils more than just consumer confidence. These superfoods can turbo-charge your diet but with an extensive catalogue, it can be confusing to know where to get started.

natures sunshine, gut health

For digestive issues like constipation, and diarrhoea, taking a Probiotic can promote better gut health. If regularity is a struggle, LBS II (Lower Bowel Stimulator) is a top seller, particularly with those battling IBS.

Combine that with Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll to enhance your overall well-being. This natural supplement is effective in supporting detoxification, bolstering the immune system, and boosting energy levels, all at the cellular level. Additionally, it has the potential to alleviate body odour, acting as an internal deodorant.

Just add to water and enjoy the benefits.


Nothing says new year like 200+ plant based nutrients in the morning💫🥬

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If starting fresh sounds like the right path, then a dose of Power Greens is a good direction to take. Reset your body with a flush of fauna. With two full servings of vegetables per serving, enzymes for digestive support and an immunity boost to keep you going strong. Add in Digestive Enzymes, formulated with pepsin, which is used for pre-digesting proteins in the stomach.

More Ways to Improve Your Immunity and Gut Health

If your transformation includes time at the gym, consider including Power beets in your routine. Increased energy and better circulation are two key major perks. Formulated with nitrate-dense Tibetan Beetroot and plenty of polyphenols & antioxidants to optimize your health.

Joint pain can be a burden, especially when we age. Collagen production takes a nosedive, so it’s important to fuel your body with outside sources. Nature’s Sunshine Collagen is made from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows for a pure powder that blends seamlessly. Use daily for maximum gains. EverFlex tablets are formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for a boost to joints and can provide relief from everyday aches.

At the end of the day, you are what you eat, or ingest. Trusting your health with rigorously tested quality ingredients can truly make a pivotal difference.

All images by Libby Roach.