Beauty trends can be tricky. As soon as one trend pops, another is ready to burst through the scene. There’s barely time to order that rose quartz face roller before the next big fad infiltrates your socials. One recent trend was the adoption of essential oils. Oils like rosemary and lavender are touted for a variety of skin benefits, but they’re pretty destructive to make. There’s a lot of environmental waste when processing essential oils.

Consumers are demanding less destructive methods of making beauty gains. And brands are catching on. It’s not enough to simply brag about recyclable packaging. We want a sustainable product too.


Eat my dust could be the tagline for 220KM Inc. They’re the maker of Critical Cosmetics and its line of hair and mask powders. The edible beauty products are built to be used on both your face and scalp and mixed with tap water. The botanical blends are safe enough to be ingested, and feature food-grade ingredients that are known to support skin and nourish from within.

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Meant for daily use, Critical Cosmetics can be blended with any cleanser to maximize results

Between the company’s staunch approach to sourcing local ingredients and the adaptiveness of the actual product, the eco-friendliness is obvious. Safe enough to use every day, this intense formula only requires a small amount to work its magic. You can even blend it into other products, like cleansers or oils to make custom skincare as your skin demands it.


The dust hasn’t settled for boscia, either. Celebrated for its innovative and sustainable beauty products, boscia puts a lot of care and thought into each of the products they launch. The latest? A dual-purpose face and scalp powder crafted with salicylic acid and upcycled charcoal and rice. The result is a gently exfoliated surface, revealing refreshed and restored pores. Safe enough to use up to four times a week, and on colour-treated hair, this heavy-duty dust deserves a spot on your shelf.

boscia’s impressive formula boasts powerful probiotics to tackle tricky skin concerns

Boasting gluten-free, cruelty-free and completely vegan formulas, dermologica sets the standard for functional beauty products that work. Safe enough to use daily, the bestselling daily microfoliant only takes a few shakes to vanquish dirt, pollution and impurities to restore your face to its prior glory.

This dust works into an impressive yet gentle lather

Cruelty-free and zero-waste initiatives from dermalogica propel this brand with everything they make. This particular blend brings a phytic acid pulled from rice bran with white tea and licorice. Proven to calm colloidal oatmeal helps calm things down.