Mother’s Day is celebrated and acknowledged in many ways. Grandmothers, mothers, sisters, friends and caregivers are all important people who shape us into who we are today. Moms have a common goal of doing the best we can for our kids regardless of our race, religion or economic backgrounds.  The women of Auburn Lane represent the full gamut of motherhood so it made sense for each one of us to share what would be on each of our Mother’s Day gift wish lists however we celebrate it.

Carole’s List:
I will go first and since I am the mother to a grown-ass 22-year-old man who has more money in the bank than I do, I no longer only want the entire day to myself, in my own house, to lounge in my PJs,  watch tv all day and end it with a candlelit bath and a giant glass of wine (my yearly request for the first six or seven years of his busy little life) This year, I am all about a bit of personal luxury since I can’t go out to dinner or travel or do anything of my usual favourite things.

Antipodes: In anticipation of life beginning to go back to normal and after a year of letting my skincare routine lapse, I am loving this line of skincare products from New Zealand based Antipodes. The Probiotic Night Recovery Water makes my skin tingle and feel alive and I wake up no longer feeling like I slept in a dry gulch. The fact that the award-winning skincare line is vegan, uses pollution-free Native New Zealand ingredients just makes it feel right for the moment and it’s great for slightly more mature skin.

antipodes halo skin brightening mask

I am loving their simple to remember 3 step skincare routine

Quince Flowers: I would love a bouquet of flowers from my favourite florist, Quince. They always manage to find flowers I have never even heard of, throw them together in the most interesting and beautiful arrangements and they will brighten any day spent in lockdown. Again.

quince flowers

If you really want to score some brownie points get her a Wonderblooms flower subscription!

Sonya’s List: I’ve always been that mom who love anything creative. When the kids were young and brought home a macaroni necklace or a hand-painted birdhouse? Yeah, I melted. When they did paintings in art class? I framed them. A visit to the art gallery with my family, I’m all in. So, my list continues on the theme of inspiration, creativity and supporting artists.

Brooklyn Sketchbook Project: as an avid doodler I always have a notebook in my handbag when I’m on the go. I’ve jot down random thoughts and sketches for as long as I can remember. There’s a little “gallery” in Brooklyn that invites the public to contribute to the in-house and online Sketchbook collection. This is for real! Purchase an official sketchbook and it will be sent to you. Complete it by the assigned date and registered it on their system. It’s pretty amazing to see sketchers from all around the world contribute. There are amazing workshops available that offers tips and inspiration. (hint: mine involves Spirograph drawings)

Apple iPad: Creating on my iPad has been pretty amazing. Using the Apple Pencil I’ve been exploring the different ways to play around with the technology to create cards, videos, drawings and more. What I love about this medium is that it allows me to just free flow (playing around with the brush strokes using the Apple Pencil is a great way to explore your inner creative side) or be very precise in my actions…and not worry about wasting materials. I can also save, upload, and share and during the pandemic I’ve discovered more ways to get creative. Of course, it does much more than that. For Mother’s Day, I’m dropping hints to upgrade to the latest Apple iPad Air in Rose Gold or Sky Blue.

AGO Pop Up Studio Workshops:  something to do with mom!  This pop-up offers an inspiring look at an artwork from the AGO Collection, before leaping into a 30-minute drawing exercise inspired by the techniques found in the work. Each week focuses on a new work and technique or style, from collage to watercolour to drawing, with a thematic focus on a diverse array of portraits inspired by the AGO’s Portraits of Resilience project. Pop-in online after your Wednesday workday for this free session, bring along your favourite drink, pencils and paper, and connect with others for a relaxing session. This is a free experience, but it requires registration for each new session week by week. Just order some fresh supplies (Staples, DeSerres, Michael’s, Amazon) as part of mom’s gift and get ready to be inspired!

Gardiner Museum Shop: Always looking out for something original and extraordinary. I’ve always loved visiting this gift shop filled with original works in ceramics. During the pandemic, the Gardiner has featured Canadian artists and their art on their online shop. Currently, I’m swooning over Hana Balaban-Pommier’s Spring Bowls collection.

Photobooks & Other Photo Gifts by Staples Canada & Canva: I’ve been swirling the idea about making a photo/cookbook for my mom and sister for a while. Canva ( is a great place to start with inspiration and templates to help you create a stunning keepsake simply. What’s also great is having access to graphic designers and technical support. Upload your favourite photos and text. Always a favourite gift. Want to learn more? There are “how-to” sessions offered free of charge. Link here.

Libby’s List: Food and frolicking always top my lists. A new fitness outfit or a pair of kicks and breakfast in bed sounds about perfect. A bouquet of blooms and a bottle of wine make it a real occasion. It’s all about time together, even though we haven’t spent a second apart.

four seasons mothers day

Four Seasons Toronto

Four Seasons Mother’s Day: It’s no small secret that moms have faced more their our fair share of turmoil in the past 12-ish months.  It’s been such a long year. Keep your spirits lifted and mom safe with a care package from the eponymous institution of all things luxe. From sumptuous spa experiences to deluxe dining menus replete with caviar add-ons, send mom a message of hope and devotion- create your custom gift with beautiful blooms from Teatro Verde, Dean Davidson jewellery and of course, exquisite eats courtesy Cafe Boulud.

KANDL: We’ve been smitten with this Yorkville custom candle boutique since we were invited to make our own, and now they’re bringing this sensory experience to your own abode with kits and guided lessons from the masters. Send a kit to mom and KANDL will ship a package of scents for you to explore over Zoom, and a finished vessel with your own unique blend is crafted and sent with care after the event. Find out more about their Mother’s Day offerings here.

Classic Lemons Family Botanic

Classic Lemons Family Botanic

Family Botanic: Travel and restaurants may top some people’s lists, but we’re more inclined to catch up with family after missing out on the past year of everyone’s lives. Create a lasting memory with these beautiful and personal Family Tree prints, featuring authentic botany inspired images from 18th and 19th-century art. And we’re giving one away! Head over to our contest to win in our latest giveaway! Subscription: This app has been an absolute dream during these past super-intense months. Hours spent walking and navigating sidewalks and ravines have been spent getting caught up with a list of insanely talented authors and voice actors. A subscription to the service would be a lovely way to keep mom entertained through the next phase of the pandemic. My Mother’s Daughter by Perdita Felicien would be a great first book to enjoy together.

Fitbit Luxe

Product render of Fitbit Luxe, dramatic view, in Earth Grey Croc leather double wrap and Platinum.

Fitbit Luxe: The newest iteration for the Fitbit fleet sees the introduction of jewellery inspired pieces that take the activity tracker into more of a bracelet category. Up for pre-order, the straps and options are endless, revoking the utility-only look that Fitbit has come to be known for, we’re stepping away from the Garmin-esque manly watches and now stepping into designer looks that still feature all the bells and whistles we’ve come to rely on.

Orangetheory Subscription: Addictive, healthy and social, I keep coming back to my friends at Orangetheory for the reliable and friendly coaching, explosive workouts and step by step training. Mental health benefits are amplified with not just the splat-points and endorphin boost but also the social check-ins and shout-outs before, during and after class. If she’s missing her gym time, then signing her up (and joining too) would make a lovely gesture towards any healthy lifestyle. Snag some swag and send an OTbeat heart rate monitor to seal the deal.

Nike Court Vintage Premium

Nike Court Vintage Premium Kicks: Nothing says spring like a new pair of white kicks- and Nike never disappoints. These treasures would be fitting with jeans, or a cute summer dress, heck, you could probably even show up to tennis in these 80’s throwback sneaks. Versatile, and at a sweet price point, I’d be keen to take these on a spin on my bicycle or to tip a pint on a patio, whenever that’s allowed. From