As the vibrant hues of summer transition to the warm, earthy tones of fall, our skin undergoes a subtle yet significant transformation. The shift in seasons brings about various environmental and atmospheric changes, which can impact our skin’s health and appearance.

During the fall, the air tends to become drier and cooler. This decrease in humidity levels can lead to a reduction in skin moisture, often resulting in dryness and flakiness. In response to these changes, our skin may start to feel tighter and more sensitive.

Take cues from Mother Nature and nurture your skin with some fantastic fall beauty finds.

There’s no better way to usher in Halloween than with Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. Invoke the Lord of Misrule and some pumpkin vibes for a Boo-worthy beauty basket like no other. Embrace the signature patchouli, black pepper and vanilla scent that comprises the Lord of Misrule lineup.

Or spend a night (or weekend) with the Lord of Misrule Gift Set. This bountiful basket is a surefire hit with all the lords and ladies. With a bath bar bomb, bubble bar, body spray, shower gel and hand-cut soap, this beautifully eye-grabbing package is only the beginning of your courtship with this Lord. ($60)

Lush Cosmetics Fall Beauty Finds- Lord of Misrule Gift Set
We set aside a kit or two to trade the kids for their treats…It’s Win-Win

Invite the gang over and let them do the cleanup. Monster Party Gift ($40) brings a Ghostie Bath Bomb, a Screaming Banshee Bath Bomb, an Alien Bubble Bar and a Bonehead Bubble Bar to your bathroom bash. The frothy and salty blue bombshell turns the tub into a signature melancholy blue that channels your own Screaming Banshee. And the gift box comes with stickers, ’nuff said.

Lush Cosmetics Fall Beauty Finds-Ghostie Bath Bomb
Wash your worries away with a Ghostie Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics

More horticultural harvest types will dig the earthy notes of Dans un Jardin. This botanically-inclined brand from Quebec focuses on using a holistic approach to skincare. Its Floral Water ($24.95) is comprised of 99% naturally derived ingredients including saffron extract and rhubarb root. Juicy and fresh, unleash dead and dull skin in one quick step with a lovely Red Clay + Rasberry Flower Face Scrub ($21.95). With mint essential oil, your skin will feel revived and refreshed.

dans un jardin red clay raspberry, eau florale
Dans un Jardin red clay raspberry face scrub, eau florale hydrating water


We celebrate the whole collection but particularly love the serums from Stoic Beauty. This women-led Canadian company takes water stewardship to heart, ensuring each product is crafted with care to preserve this important resource. Stoic Beauty’s Skin Cycling Bundle reveals the transformative benefits of proven skincare treatments. Exfoliation, Hydration and Regeneration is the key to maintaining and promoting supple skin. Follow the cycle- Night one- Thalassa + Chryso. Night two- Apothakairo. Night 3- Thalassa + Chryso. Night four- Apothakairo. Night five- Thalassa + Chryso. Night six- Rest, just moisturize.

stoic beauty skin cycling serums fall beauty
Stoic Beauty skin cycling serums are a perennial favourite

The trio of serums, Thalassa Deep Hydration ($35), Chryso Regenerating ($45) and Apokathairo Exfoliating ($35) all are formulated with natural ingredients that won’t disrupt the skin’s delicate balance. Gone are aggressive gritty exfoliators, instead, Stoic Beauty deploys a blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Beta Hydroxy Acids with Canadian Willow Herb, Sugar Maple and Feverfew Extracts for its Apokathairo AHA/BHA serum.

Green and rich with Frankincense Essential Oil, Chryso is the ultimate drink for your skin. Blended with Bakuchiol, which mimics retinol without the potential scary side effects and is safe to use daily. Thalassa is a triple-action turbo hydrator, composed of Hyaluronic Acid, Clary Extract (sage) and Vegetable Glycerin.

bio sculpture african sunset, Fall Beauty Finds
Part of Bio Sculpture’s African Sunset collection

Take your claws to scary new heights with Bio Sculpture. It’s all about nail care first, a pretty manicure with gorgeous fall colours is a bonus. Use the website to find a salon near you that uses these products – this is no ordinary gel, we are converted.


Keep locks in check with Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother with the No7 Bonding Oil to combat dry winter hair for all hair types. Grey hairs will find new glory and strength with Olaplex’s product line. Carole reveals her perfect grey haircare routine here.

summer hair care- olaplex
Olaplex Hair Perfectors Live Up to Its Name

Replica By the Fireplace from Maison Margiela will make you feel like you have a fireplace burning. Notes of clove oil, chestnut and vanilla, the perfume from Maison Margiela is warm and sweet. You will want to wear it right through fall. The brand’s “Replica” line claims to reproduce “familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods” and we have to agree.

Newly launched in Canada, Alphascience is targeted skincare using scientifically advanced ingredients to deliver pretty dramatic results. The Ultra Deep Fundamental firming cream ($162) promotes and protects skin with lupine protein to actually thicken skin and Saponaria stem cells that help skin appear firm and restored. The company, based in France works alongside dermatologists and plastic surgeons to master cosmeceuticals that deliver on its promises.

alphascience- ultra deep- tannic serum
Alphascience takes aim at ageing with its advanced aesthetic medical treatments

Alphascience also concocted the Tannic [CF] Serum ($162) which also improves the results after cosmetic procedures. Melding 10% Stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid with 2% Tannic acid and a Gingko Biloba concentrate revives tired skin and features a bright lovely scent.

All images by Libby Roach.