Tomorrow marks the stoner version of New Year’s Eve, and with marijuana set to go mainstream this summer, it’s left a lot of people wondering what life post-prohibition is going to look like. Once an underground movement, with the onset of legalization many businesses are cashing in ahead of time, following the trend and cashing in on one sweet crop. Cannabis isn’t anything new, your parents maybe had a stash in the 60’s, with a super trippy bong or a plate of hash brownies, but modern times call for modern methods. Think less Cheez Whiz and more Cheese Board.

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While Green Market may have quietly shuffled into the background- currently on hiatus, they were the leader in the industry, providing a space for industrious edible makers to sell their goods in an open marketplace. Creative culinary minds like our very own Carole Nelson Brown have been working on their own projects in house, taking the initiative to support and supply medicinal patients who are waiting in limbo for the government to loosen the restrictions around this known cancer fighter.

Others are getting in on the social aspect. The Green Chef can whip up a dinner party on demand, but also offers cannabis-catering, with Sheppard’s High, High Thai Curry Soup and other sweet treats for you to share, or hoard, no judgement here. Hamilton area High Society Supper Club goes the distance to get the dosing right, an important factor for anyone, medicinal or recreational.
Some bars are flirting with ditching their liquor licenses to serve canna-cocktails and marijuana infused mains, a move that suggests weed as not only a movement, but a crucial step that the stigma revolving around April 20th may be coming to a close, once and for all.