On World Kindness Day, November 13th, Canadians are encouraged to show their kindness in one of the most extraordinary acts — by donating to the country’s critical blood supply.

Did you know that only 4% of eligible donors help to sustain the country’s supply of blood and blood products, on an ongoing basis? They are called the Kindest Canadians.

With many donation events cancelled due to the current pandemic, and 17,000 units of blood needed every week, Canadian Blood Services is asking us to help if we can. There’s an immediate need for new and returning donors across the country. The need for blood is constant and we’ve learned that donated blood will only last up to 42 days. There’s also a need for Canadians to join the stem cell registry as it continues to grow even now. ¬†Fewer than 25 per cent of patients find a match within their own family, making a large database essential to save lives.

KIND Snacks and Canadian Blood Services are once again partnering to support World Kindness Day by encouraging Canadians to donate blood just like the “Kindest Canadians”.

The Kindest Canadians are individuals from across Canada that have joined Canada’s Lifeline and have repeatedly donated. We’re learning about a few heartwarming stories.

Quinn Bleakley from Stoney Creek, Ontario, is one. She understood firsthand the importance of donating blood and organs after she donated a kidney to her father in 2018. Following complications, both Quinn and her dad required multiple blood transfusions, made possible by donated blood. Two years later, Quinn and her dad are thriving. Now Quinn donates blood regularly.

Allen Veale from Charlottetown PEI has donated 1000 times impacting a countless number of lives. In recent years, Allen has also seen the impact first hand when his infant granddaughter required open-heart surgery to survive.

Mackenzie Curran is a 22-year-old leukemia survivor who is now living a healthy life, thanks to an unrelated donor stem cell transplant she received at the age of 16. Since that lifesaving procedure, Mackenzie has been an advocate for the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry encouraging young Canadians to sign up.

Visit blood.ca/worldkindnessday to learn more about the Kindest Canadians and find out how you can help.

KIND Snacks is also getting involved in the month of November by donating products to Canadian charities,  for every purchase made they will make a donation (up to 100,000 items).