I feel like I’ve got a good handle on packing. Recently I travelled to  Newfoundland (still winter) and then Vancouver (gorgeous spring) within a week. I joke about being able to pack with my eyes closed and within hours of leaving home. Whether you’re getting ready for the long weekend or jaunting a little further I just  need a few things to make travel more comfortable and to give us peace of mind. When it comes to my carry-on bag I always have my essentials.

We’re starting a new series with our globetrotting friends to find out what’s inside their carry on bag! What they must have and what have they’ve recently discovered that makes travelling easier.

I’ll kick this series off and you can look forward to more features in coming months.

Let’s start off with the bag itself. Like most of you, I need a tote that has lots of pockets… but not just lots of pockets. I need it to be logically organized. This VICTORINOX “Charisma” Carry-All Tote bag has ample space and is well-thought out. Put your most important things in zipped in spots that make sense. This is a sturdy bag without the bulk and is more business appropriate so I can get off the plane and head right into meetings looking more professional. The durable nylon fabric makes me feel more secure with my belongings. Also, I’m short so I feel more comfortable with my carry-on bag at my feet for easier access to all my stuff. I’m not going to get up to the overhead bin. This particular bag has a perfectly padded inside sleeve that’s great for your iPad, tablet, or eReader.

My snacks of choice has always included VITAMIN WATER XXX flavour. The antioxidants included in this drink keeps me focused and refreshed. I also grab a bag of pretzels or Goldfish crackers to help settle my stomach during flights or long drives. Grab these after you go through airport checkpoints, obviously.

Having an iPad is really handy for multi-tasking especially when you travel. I would often carry my laptop as well but the iPad is perfect for smaller quarters and handy in a pinch. I can also download Netflix shows and take along with me. The Apple Pencil comes in handy if I don’t feel like typing on a keyboard or can’t (you know, the person who sits in front of you and leans their seat back?). It also offers more precision when you need it the most.

I’ve had my luggage M.I.A. before so I’ve learned to pack at least one extra piece of clothing and it’s no secret that I turn to Canadian Travel wear designer Diane Kroe. I always include one of her pieces as a back up because each piece offers different ways to wear – take it from dress to top to skirt easily. Easy to care for as well. Literally one of her pieces have taken over 5 pieces in my travel wear. I’ll tell you more in another post shortly.

Sometimes I get pressure headaches on the plane so I always bring a small tube of SAJE WELLNESS Peppermint Halo essential oil. I apply it on my temples and along the hairline along the back of my neck and this seems to do the trick — plus if you’re sensitive to smells in flight, this is a good way to deflect and others won’t complain that your perfume is overpowering. The minty smell is very faint but don’t be surprised if those around you take a few deep happy breaths as well.

Flights can be delayed for whatever reason so I always ensure my carry-on also includes a back-up battery for my devices and/or an extra charger. Depending on where you’re travelling, there are often charging stations but if you’re not comfortable plugging in at a foreign place this gives you peace of mind. I’ve had this KATE SPADE charger for a few years that’s served me well that I found at the TELUS STORE. Also, check out MOPHIE chargers that keep a great charge.

No matter where I go, I make sure I’m also carrying a tube of sunscreen. I’ve got sensitive skin so if I’m on a longer flight, I know that I’ll have to refresh at some point so I’ll need to reapply sunscreen. Canadian-made LASPA has recently launched a sun line made with 100% natural ingredients. I’ve been using the LASPA SPF 20 Daily Sun Protection Mineral Sunscreen that  goes on easily and is free of scent. This high quality sun care product is great for sensitive skin styles and feels luxurious when you put it on.