In a world increasingly conscious of health, mindfulness, and inclusivity, Grüvi has emerged as a pioneering force, trailblazing a new path in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Founded with a vision to revolutionize the way we live and socialize, Grüvi champions the production of non-alcoholic beverages. They don’t just mimic their alcoholic counterparts but stand out for their unique, refined taste.

Grüvi Offers a Stigma-Free Approach to Imbibing

The company’s mission is rooted in fostering an inclusive community that makes conscious choices in daily life, advocating for a social environment where the pressure to consume alcohol is dissolved, and the freedom to choose a healthier, more mindful lifestyle is embraced. So here’s to kicking back with a Grüvi in hand, savouring the moment, all without having to answer the dreaded ‘Why aren’t you drinking?’ question.”

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Beverages- Gail
Gail Lynch of Zero Bar makes cocktails with the Grüvi lineup

“As we approach our fifth-year milestone as a company, it’s been exciting to see the societal shift around alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages since we launched. Our vision at Grüvi is a world where choosing a non-alcoholic option is normalized and celebrated.”

Anika Sawni, Grüvi

Grüvi’s ethos is not just about offering an alternative; it’s about creating a movement. They envision a world where social gatherings are not defined by the presence of alcohol but by the quality of connections and the joy of the moment. This philosophy, dubbed “The Grüvi Way,” is a call to action for everyone to participate fully in life’s experiences, to immerse themselves in the joys of life, free from the constraints often imposed by alcohol consumption.

Community, Culture and Commitment

Grüvi’s commitment goes beyond just providing a product; it’s about nurturing a community of individuals who believe that their well-being does not have to be compromised for their social life. This belief resonates deeply in their product line, where each beverage is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, from taste to packaging.

They refuse to settle for mediocrity, ensuring that every sip is a testament to their dedication to quality and excellence. The result is not just a beverage but an experience. One that has been recognized and celebrated nationally and internationally, with accolades such as the Gold Medal for Best Non-Alcoholic Beer at the World Beer Cup.

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Beverages-
Gail Lynch, Sarah Kate, Eva Redpath and Anika Sawni at a recent Grüvi event- Read our interview with Sarah Kate here.

But Grüvi’s aspirations extend beyond the product itself. The company is deeply committed to impactful and sustainable growth. They operate with transparency and accountability, regularly reporting on their impact objectives to ensure that their growth is aligned with their core values. Being “Grüvi” is synonymous with making a positive impact, investing in communities, championing sustainability, and upholding the highest standards in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

With a collection of best-selling non-alcoholic beers and wines that have garnered national and international acclaim, Grüvi stands at the forefront of the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Yet, at its heart, Grüvi is more than just a beverage company. It’s a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a community that believes in living fully, without compromise, ensuring that every moment, every celebration, and every sip is savoured to the fullest.

Diving into the Grüvi ethos of Anika Sawni

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Anika, co-founder of Grüvi, and hear firsthand how their team is shaking up the beverage industry with a focus on alcohol-free options.

Grüvi’s journey, like many innovative trailblazers, was paved with challenges that tested the founders’ vision and resilience. The inception of the company saw Anika and Niki Sawni, the co-founders, face a skeptical market. One that had not yet recognized the impending shift towards non-alcoholic beverages. 

Breaking through the traditional beverage industry’s barriers required not just an excellent product but also a shift in consumer perception. To convince people that a non-alcoholic beverage could be as enjoyable and complex as its alcoholic counterpart.

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Beverages- Rose Wine
Staying in tune with consumers and trends is key to Grüvi’s continued success

Despite these hurdles, Grüvi has emerged victorious, carving out a significant niche in the beverage market. Their commitment to quality and taste has paid off, as reflected in the prestigious recognitions they have garnered. Being named among “The 22 Best Non-Alcoholic Beers” by VinePair in 2023 and featured in Women’s Health magazine for creating a bubbly that’s “Booze-Free” are testaments to that market shift. The New York Post also echoed the sentiment, celebrating the quality and taste of Grüvi’s offerings.

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Fast-forward to the present – success came when the co-founders were honoured as EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023 Ontario Emerging Entrepreneur Special Citation winners. This award is more than just a milestone; it’s a nod to the innovative spirit and tireless dedication of Anika and Niki. It’s a recognition that extends beyond the individual to acknowledge the company’s role in leading a societal transformation—a shift towards mindful consumption.

Grüvi’s achievements have also caught the eye of the entrepreneurial community, with the co-founder being featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30. This highlights the youthful energy and innovative thinking that fuel the brand. Additionally, their commitment to diversity and inclusivity has been recognized by CAMSC, underscoring their dedication to creating a business that is as socially responsible as it is successful.

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Beverages
The Global Award-Winning Lineup of Beers, Wines and Dry Seccos

Grüvi is not only loved by its customers – but also respected by its peers and should serve as a guide to others in the industry – a commitment to quality AND social values, is a recipe for success.

With a history of overcoming challenges and a future bright with promise, Grüvi stands as a beacon of innovation in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Anika and Niki Sawni’s journey with Grüvi is a powerful reminder that with passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to one’s values, it is possible to not only envision change but to be the catalyst that drives it forward.

The Future is Grüvi

Gruvi is firmly focused on the horizon, poised to embrace the evolving landscape of the non-alcoholic beverage industry. With the market for non-alcoholic options expanding rapidly, Grüvi’s forward-thinking approach positions them at the vanguard of the entire industry. The co-founders, Anika and Niki Sawni understand that the current trend towards mindful consumption is not merely a fleeting fad but a profound transformation in how society views drinking and wellness.

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Beverages-Anika
Anika Sawni and Wellness Leader & Solution Focused Life Coach Eva Redpath

“I see a pretty dramatic shift happening in the category and society as a whole. I see a point of normalization where in every occasion, every setting, you’ll have a non-alcoholic option available to you.”

Anika Sawni, Grüvi

Grüvi’s vision for the future is clear. Continue innovating and expanding its product line to ensure that consumers have depth and variety for non-alcoholic options. The company is not content to rest on its laurels. Instead, it is driven by a relentless desire to cater to the ever-changing preferences of its consumers. This includes venturing into new product categories, exploring new flavour profiles, and refining its existing offerings based on community feedback.

The industry as a whole stands on the brink of a new era, where non-alcoholic beverages are no longer an afterthought but a primary choice for consumers. Grüvi aims to lead this charge by championing inclusivity and accessibility in every aspect of its business. From single-serve options that cater to individual preferences to pricing strategies that ensure affordability, the company is dedicated to breaking down barriers and making its products a staple in homes and social settings alike.

Grow, Evolve and Make Gains

Moreover, Grüvi’s commitment to sustainability and social impact is expected to deepen, with the company setting even more ambitious goals. This includes expanding its community outreach, further reducing its environmental footprint, and continuing to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion within its operations and corporate culture. They see these efforts not just as corporate responsibilities but as integral to their identity and key to their ongoing success.

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Beverages- dry secco
Ambition in its standards and approach, a flawless design that inspires going beyond the bottle

Grüvi’s trajectory is a testament to the power of vision coupled with action. Anika and Niki Sawni’s journey from challenging the status quo to setting new standards has been nothing short of revolutionary. As Grüvi continues to grow and evolve, it remains a beacon of innovation, a source of community, and a force for good in an industry that is only just beginning to realize its potential for positive change.

Grüvi is looking forward to the future, not just anticipating trends. It is defining them, ensuring that each step forward is taken with purpose, passion, and a Grüvi in hand, ready to toast to the next chapter of this remarkable story.

All images, except Grüvi full product lineup, by Chelsey Lake.

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