Who’s missing? When I look at the long list of books in my Goodreads app do the majority of the authors look like me? Am I only reading content where I relate physically, economically, or socially? Who’s missing?

My taste in books is vast. Even my reader friends laugh at my process when picking out library books. I tend to stay away from new releases or best sellers. Instead I hit up the staff picks sections. Someone took the time to express their love and respect for a certain novel so why shouldn’t I give it a read? Even if it’s ten years old. That being said, I have been fortunate to have encountered many a title from diverse authors with voices unfamiliar to me. Yet I still feel like I am missing out on even more great works.

The Festival of Literacy Diversity is a great opportunity for anyone feeling the same as me. It’s the ninth year in a row for Canada’s first ever festival for diverse authors and storytellers. A place for underrepresented voices to be spotlighted. Providing both onsite and virtual sessions with over 35 authors from around the world FOLD provides a space to develop their art. It’s place to have open and honest conversations about challenges they face and an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Suzette Mayr, Janika Oza, Sheila Murray Festival of Literacy Diversity

Every detail is carefully and respectfully considered. There is wheelchair accessibility, gender neutral bathrooms, and services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Equally important it is service animal friendly and provides allergen safe facilities making this event the most inclusive. While the weeklong festival is an amazing opportunity for writers and readers alike, FOLD continues to support its mission with monthly webinars and reading challenges.

Festival of Literacy Diversity

Festival Details

FOLD runs from April 28th – May 5th and has amazing events throughout. And if you are unable to participate sign-up for their newsletter and be apart of the amazing work they are doing. I can’t wait to add more and more amazing authors to my bookshelves.

Festival of Literacy Diversity