Skincare brand Dermalogica opened up a welcoming flagship location in the core of the downtown Toronto. The bright and shiny new spot is dedicated to providing facial treatments and educating consumers in an all-in-one-stop shop is a happy place for many of their loyal fans and for the curious. Located in the Royal Bank Plaza concourse level (Bay and Front) it carries the most extensive collection of the popular skincare line including the latest launches and fan favourites — for both men, women and teens. The word is getting out!

Previously, Dermalogica customers were able to enjoy and purchase their products through accredited spas and medi-spas. While they’ve been a trusted brand in many locations across the country, there was also a growing interest for the brand to create a space where dedicated staff can answer more specific questions about the line and offer a full Dermalogica experience to consumers.

The new flagship location opened December 2019 in the core of the downtown financial district in Toronto — there’s another in Montreal. Situated in the high traffic corridors between office towers and Union Station in our city,  it was primed for success. Until the pandemic hit. Now that restrictions are easing, the location has reopened its doors to welcome skin care lovers back.  So, what can you expect?In addition to being able to purchase the sought-after products, they offer customized facial treatments. The 30 or 60 minute skincare treatments (there are even 10 minute sessions– great for popping in during your work break) begin with a consultation with a highly trained Dermalogica Skin Care Therapist. It all starts with Your Face Mapping AI technology for a  personalized skin analysis. The therapist is able to access your skin’s current needs and concerns. It’s pretty fascinating and we actually all have access to this technology through their site. Here’s a part of what I’ve learned…

The AI-driving analysis determines what active ingredients work best for your skin concerns now. With that data in hand, a bespoke treatment is created around their most popular treatments including…

Pro Bright Skin Treatment: a 60-minute treatment that drives vitamin C into the skin to brighten and smooth.

Pro Power Peel 30: a strong and effective 30-minute treatment peel using three-acid approach with deep exfoliation that’s great for fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Pro Skin 30 Treatment: this is a targeted 30-minute treatment to address your top skin concerns with exfoliation, deep serum, and highly effective technology.

Pro Calm Treatment: for those who have sensitive skin, this 60-minute treatment uses light therapy and hydrating products.

Pro Firm Treatment: this 60-minute treatment helps to release tension, smooth, firm and visibly tone the face, neck and décolleté with deep tissue facial massage for an invigorating treatment.

A complete list of services and prices can be found here.On a recent visit, Nyssa assessed my skin and asked about my concerns. I told her about my ongoing needs to keep melasma under control.  While I’m genetically blessed with minimal wrinkles at the age of almost 55, I know a good skincare regime will help promote a healthy process. I mentioned all that I’m currently using – vitamin C, vitamin E, collagen, SPF are all musts. She was happy to hear that I’ve done my research but also easy to chat with to learn if I’m missing anything or even doing too much. I was also open about having previous botox injections for deep frown lines that I realized made me appear constantly concerned or even angry (yes, that resting bitch face bothered me). I learned that it’s not recommended to do fillers too close to other skincare treatments as any face massaging could move things around – which makes sense.Nyssa worked on my skin for an hour (including a few extractions) and I left glowing from the customized Pro Bright Skin Treatment.  I felt comfortable in asking for her skin care advice and she was thorough with her answers. I was very curious about the Dermalogica line of SPF products (there are several here), as well as products that are hydrating but doesn’t feel heavy as the summer months are coming.

Interested in learning more about the Dermalogica Flagship locations in Toronto and Montreal? Link here.