Okay, I am going into week two of the Conqueror Challenges and I am already on my second challenge. I had estimated needing a couple weeks to finish the 56.3 km Almalfi Coast on October 25. Oops, I guess I move much more than I thought because I finished in 5 days. I am now just waiting for my medal to show up in the mail.

Conqueror Challenge number two

For my next challenge, I chose the Nakesendo Trail because it is 552km, it is in Japan and I am really enjoying reading about all of the places that I am passing through. I have also gotten a better handle on how to use the street view to see what my virtual location looks like.

This was a heavy two days because it included my normal outdoor walks with a 6km bike ride and a 10 hr day doing a catering event so day two I was on my feet, basically, from about noon until 11:30pm. It was a very heavy step day even though I didn’t do an actual outdoor walk.

If you ask my body this morning, I would say it thinks I did a four hour rock climbing adventure. In reality, we just plated 300 salads and 150 dinners.


I finally figured out street view so I can seem real time locations. Oh, if you want to enjoy this feature, make sure you choose a race that says it has street view. Some of them don’t have it so if the ability to see where you are at any given time is important, keep that in mind.

The English Channel, for instance, has no street view, so keep that in mind. You still get all the postcards and fun info along the way, of course. If you don’t really care about using street view, it won’t matter. I guess street view gets old when you are always in the middle of the ocean.

More Fun Features to Discover

This particular challenge not only sends postcards with info but they, so far, have included photos and at least one video. I am really digging this in depth information with lots of visuals.

So far, I have completed 41.4km in two days – slow down cowgirl. Because it counts all of my steps, it combines actual walks and bike rides as well just my steps. Walking around the house, up and down the stairs etc all contribute. I can’t decide if I want it to do that. You can not connect it to your fitness app and just load the distances manually if you only want your actual exercise time to be counted. I haven’t decided if I should just include outdoor walks/bike rides or let it continue to document my daily steps in total. Thoughts?


There has been talk about forming a team with lots of interest in that. So far, I am enjoying walking solo and getting a real feel for all of the features of the app. I think a team will be great once the weather gets really cold and I need a beef patty held under my nose to lure me outdoors.

So, in the last week, I finished my first challenge and stopped 10 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. I am awaiting my medal for Amalfi and am curious to see what they look like and if the quality is as good as they say. I have started a second challenge (already 23.9km ahead) and am enjoying tracking my virtual adventure.