Dry January brings a refreshing wave of non-alcoholic beverages that don’t just try to mimic their alcoholic equivalents— they evolve them. Our choices for the top three non-alcoholic drinks have it all – the bubbly we look for in a prosecco and the deep flavours of a classic IPA, all packed into a full-bodied experience without any alcohol. This isn’t about compromise; it’s about enhancement. Dry January and beyond.

Let’s explore our top three non-alcoholic beverages that are making waves for all the right reasons: Libra’s IPA, Grüvi Dry Secco & Atypique’s Amaretto Sour.

Libra’s Game-Changer: A Non-Alcoholic IPA That Actually Tastes Like Beer

Say hello to Libra IPA, a non-alcoholic brew that truly delivers. For those who know their tastes and enjoy craft beer, this one’s for you. 

When Upstreet Craft Brewing introduced Libra Non-Alcoholic IPA, they weren’t just creating a beer; they were crafting the experience. With the rise of mindful drinking, Libra stands out as a beacon for those who love the rich, hoppy flavour of a traditional IPA but are keen to skip the alcohol. This beer is a celebration of taste and balance. It boasts tropical and citrus notes that entice the palate without overwhelming it.

What makes Libra IPA so impressive is its ability to offer the full experience of drinking a craft beer. From the aroma to the satisfying taste, it’s clear that Upstreet has harnessed the art of brewing to perfection, creating a non-alcoholic beer that doesn’t feel like a compromise. This is a beer that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, perfect for a midday break or an evening wind-down, reflecting the versatility and adaptability of non-alcoholic options in today’s market.

libra ipa non-alcoholic beer

Feedback from our taste testers echoes the sentiment that Libra IPA is more than just a non-alcoholic alternative. “It’s the kind of drink you want to have when you’re looking to enjoy the social aspect of a beer without any side effects,” one taster notes. The absence of an aftertaste, a common critique of non-alcoholic beverages, should be a point of pride for Libra. The smooth finish leaves drinkers satisfied and ready for another round.

Prefer a Different Brew? Libra’s Non-Alcoholic Selection Has You Sorted

Libra’s IPA is not just for the beer enthusiast; it’s for anyone looking to indulge in the craft beer culture responsibly. With each can also being only 30 calories, it caters to the health-conscious without sacrificing flavour. This is a drink that sits comfortably at any table, from barbecues to book clubs, proving that non-alcoholic options have earned their place in the realm of social drinking.

If IPAs aren’t your thing, opt for the smoothness of their Pale Ale, and the crispness of the Pilsner, or get cozy with the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Ale.

Atypique’s Amaretto Sour: A Non-Alcoholic Tribute to Classic Cocktails

The Atypique Amaretto Sour really hits the spot if you’re after that classic cocktail feel, minus the alcohol. Think of it as a mix of sweet almond flavours and a zesty citrus kick, all coming together in a drink that’s just as good for summer chill-outs as it is for cozy winter nights. It’s Atypique’s way of showing they’re serious about great taste in a world where non-alcoholic options are everywhere.

atypique non alcoholic

Atypique has really nailed it with this one. Not every flavour in their lineup hits the mark for everyone, but the Amaretto Sour? Described by our taste testers as “almondy and wonderful,” this drink goes the extra mile. It delivers a richness and warmth that’s rare in non-alcoholic drinks. It shows that non-alcoholic options can pack just as much punch as their boozy cousins. This Amaretto Sour has it all – it’s sweet, nutty, a tad tart, and totally demands to be enjoyed over ice. 

atypique non alcoholic

While Atypique offers a whole range of flavours, the Amaretto Sour is the real star of the show. It’s a big win for quality over quantity in the non-alcoholic world.

Gruvi’s Dry Secco: Celebrating Sober Sophistication

We are so excited to include the Grüvi Dry Secco in this year’s top non-alcoholic beverages! Grüvis Dry Secco is a standout in the non-alcoholic space, and we can see why – favoured for its crispness and vitality – it’s a drink that’s redefining the non-alcoholic toast, allowing everyone to partake in the celebration. The bubbles dance on the tongue, just like a good champagne should – and the taste is robust and satisfying. 

Gruvi non alcoholic

Described by our taste testers as “really refreshing” with a “beautiful flavour,” the Dry Secco offers a sophisticated alternative for those who choose not to consume alcohol. This is a beverage designed to be savoured, enjoyed, and remembered—much like the moments it’s meant to commemorate.

But let’s also talk about Grüvi the company – behind every bottle is a company committed to inclusivity and social connection. Their philosophy is simple: create non-alcoholic beverages that allow for inclusion in any social setting. With their Dry Secco, they’ve provided a sparkling option that rivals any traditional champagne, allowing for a toast that’s both meaningful and mindful.


Grüvi has captured the essence of what it means to celebrate with their Dry Secco. It’s not just about the absence of alcohol; it’s about the presence of choice, flavour, and the opportunity to indulge in life’s special moments without compromise.

Gruvi Dry Secco Non-Alcoholic Dry Secco

So, there you have it – three amazing non-alcoholic drinks that are shaking things up in 2024. We’ve got Libra’s IPA for the beer buffs, Atypique’s Amaretto Sour for the cocktail lovers, and Grüvi‘s Dry Secco for those bubbly moments. Each of these drinks is proof that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time or enjoy a great-tasting beverage.

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They’re all about bringing people together. Whether you’re toasting a special occasion or just enjoying a quiet night in. This new wave of non-alcoholic options isn’t just a passing trend. It’s a shift in how we think about drinking and making conscious lifestyle decisions for the better. It’s about choice, flavour, and enjoying the moment – and these three picks are leading the charge. Cheers to that!

All images by Chelsey Lake.