Saying school is akin to using a four-letter word during the summer months. Until the clock strikes school time, we prefer to use the acronym BTS. Korean Boy Bands are way cooler than lockers, teachers and assignments though. Inspiring academic greatness can be a challenge, even for the motivated, and let’s face it, wealthy.

While a library card and a cavalier attitude worked well for Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, our kids need all the help they can get after suffering through these pandemic years. While some items may stretch the budget, consider the amortization over the next few years and even request gift cards for their gifts at stores like Staples or Amazon to bridge the gap. It takes a village, especially with inflation.


Creatives will love to connect and collab over the splashy new Surface Laptop Go 2. Starting at $869.99, this tricked-out laptop boasts 128 GB SSD Storage and baked-in Windows 11. The battery lasts over 13 hours on a crisp and bright screen. 12.4″ PixelSense touchscreen is uber flashy and super functional.

Part workhorse and part social machine, investing in the right tech equipment is investing in the future of not only your kid’s first major assignments but also their confidence in becoming technologically literate. No pressure!

3rd Generation Apple AirPods ensure a dynamic sound experience and noise cancelling features. Perfect for communal study sessions or focusing on recorded lectures on the way home. Customize the case to keep them safe. Available at Staples for $239.99.

The satisfying old-school sound of keys clicking gives Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard- Heartbreaker $129.99 from Staples adds a functional fun layer to gettin’ r done. Kids always seem to gravitate towards flip phones and pagers so include a little throwback fun to their technical repertoire.


Keeping things separate keeps everything fresh. Yum Box gets this intuitively, with their convenient line of snack-friendly lunch totes. Silicone is easy to clean and contemporary colours keep their primary days behind them. Shop the collection at


Part therapy, part hobby and probably at least a small portion of your teen’s curriculum, art is crucial for so many facets of development. While digital arts are a fast-growing domain, too much of your child’s day is already programmed to stare into a computer screen. Instead, work on those fine motor skills and adopt a few moments of quiet through skill-based art projects.

staples corktown
Colouring books are great for addressing anxiety and over-stimulation. Pencil crayons or crayons are perfect for ad-hoc colouring sessions. The addition of new Crayola colours of natural skin colours and now bold and bright neon pigments is a great inclusion to the infamous brand.

While getting hands-on at home is a great way to destress, we love this new shop in North Toronto that’s building its brand on budding artists. Fuzzy Lab aims to instruct and inject some colourful art into your life, a great way to connect with your flock and ease them back into projects and deadlines – this time with a fuzzy twist.

Image c/o Fuzzy Lab

Looking for more ideas for your mature (okay university-bound) child? Sonya’s got some ideas to make the transition a smooth move.