Frolicking through Toronto’s favourite festival requires a touch of panache. But putting your best foot forward is easy when you look and feel fantastic. But after two weeks of TIFF partying, you may be in need of some pampering.

While miracle serums may work wonders for those at home (you can find our faves here), more dramatic results await with the help of a trusted beauty expert.


Sofwave™ delivers Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ technology, this is the Judy Jetson facial from the future. This miracle treatment takes years off your face, all using non-surgical and super-safe ultrasound technology. The result is instant. Fine lines are vanquished. Skin is taut and restored with a youthful glow. But the best part? Your collagen production is turbo boosted, and the full result is delivered in 12 weeks.

sofwave- collagen boost festival
A Sofwave Treatment is complete in about 30 minutes

Anti-ageing, clarifying, hydrating, JetPeel™ does it all. The customized facial that delivers a jet stream to exfoliate also provides a penetrating lymphatic massage gently. Microcurrents ensure your treatment is delivered where it actually does something, under the skin’s surface. JetPeel™ is moderate enough to not require any downtime or anaesthesia. Include this impressive facial in your monthly list of self-care treatments. Read Libby’s profile on JetPeel here and book with the masters over at Compass Dermatology.

Botox and beauty enhancers with FORM Face + Body are trusted and precise. This Doctor-led practice with its roots in plastic surgery puts patient care and aesthetics first, so if you’re new to the filler and Botox game this is a very safe first stop. Industry experts extoll more than just how to turn back the clock, but how to prevent wrinkles too. Ask for Nurse Megan!


Those in the know book ahead to avoid any beauty blunders. Amanda Jeppesen is the owner and founder of Sous La Face, located in the stunning Bisha Hotel. Request their RRR™ Facial Workout, a signature treatment that combines massage with lymphatic drainage and collagen stimulation. Also known as the “Radical Radiance Regime™”, the benefits are real. Migraine and TMJ relief, Buccal Massage and collagen stimulation are unique advantages to this holistic facial.

Hearts were broken when the taps were turned off at Stillwater Spa. But everyone needs a refresher now and again and the recently revamped Park Hyatt is back and better than ever. The crowning jewel of this hotel and residence is this super luxe spa. Their full menu offers everything from aesthetics to full body treatments, facials and massages. Book for a package so you can fully decompress with quiet solitude in the team room. Unwind in the steam and sauna, rinse and repeat.

stillwater spa

Newly opened in Toronto, at 50 Ossington Avenue, Formula Fig Bar is open seven days a week for your skincare needs. Offering concise, targeted facials from 8 am to 8 pm daily is a welcome agenda for time-compressed urbanites. Included in their regime are neuromodulators and IV infusions. If you like technology and that new-new, Formula Fig Bar brings a fresh format to the facial and wellness game.

Time-honoured and traditional treatments are the backbone of Hammam Spa by Céla‘s pedigree. With a stunning state-of-the-art steam room, start your experience here, knowing super cooling eucalyptus towels and warm tea are waiting. The detox is only the start, body wraps, facials and scalp massages are impressive next steps. Do not miss the calming and convivial mani + pedi room, it’s a welcome place to end your package.